Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Holland Village

Momo, sis and I decided to have dinner at Holland Village last night. Wondering what to eat, we walked around and after looking around decided that Chinese Food is still our favourite!

Surprisingly, Crystal Jade is not very pack on a Friday night, and we could easily get a seat, after waiting for like 10 seconds.

What did we order? Same old thing! Somehow we like to eat what we always eat. So what did we eat? We shared a bowl of 'xi yang cai tang' / Water Crest Pork Rib Soup.

We also had garlic pork ribs. This dish takes time to prepare according to the lady taking our orders, so she quickly went to the kitchen to place the order first, before coming back to us to order other things. Such considerate people. :-) It seems a bit pale today, but it still taste ok.

We had Claypot tofu as well.

Also, what we usually order when we are here. The 3 eggs with veg dish.

How many of you like Chinese food the best? Do you also always tend to order the same thing when you eat at the same place? :-)

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the hungry cow said...

I tend to stick to the usual favourites and tried-and-tasted dishes. Quite boring to some but I hate getting disappointed with new dishes that fall flat. Haha.

Anonymous said...

How much is each dish?

mama bok said...

Yah.. i usually get the same thing. . ;) donch wanna be disappointed ma.. ;)

Keropok Man said...

hungry cow,
I think most people are like that. LOL. Yes, boring but it seems that we go to certain places just for those particular dishes eh?

errr, i am not sure, not my turn to pay, so don't have the receipts to see the prices. but generally, most dishes are $8 - $12 I think.

mama bok,
sometimes must be adventurous too lah. if the person recommend nice, we can trust them. haha..

Hakka House said...

I only go to different restaurants for specific things. Whenever I order something new, I always regret not getting the reliable favorites.

Keropok Man said...

hakka hse,
another way is to ask the captain for recommendation. usually it is quite good. then we will remember that place by the new dish. haha..

if not, tell them their recommendation is no good. :-p

Ming the Merciless said...

The garlic pork ribs look very much like the Chinese salt & pepper pork ribs. Yummy!!

Keropok Man said...

it's yummy and fatty! haha...

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