Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vietnamese @ Business Canteen, NUS

Today with the same colleagues that had lunch with me yesterday, we ventured into another NUS Canteen.

We went to the less crowded canteen. We think this less crowded canteen has more yummy food! I had the rice from the Vietnamese stall. You can always see lots of Vietnamese students buying from this stall. Me too. LOL.

The way they cook the meat dishes are different from the normal 'chinese' chap chai peng. They really use lots of aromatics like ginger, lemon grass, fish sauce, etc.. in the cooking. It somehow taste really good and fragrant.

You know for most stores, you order 2 veg and 1 meat and it comes quite pathetic in portion, but this stall gives quite generous portions. People who orders from here usually only have 1 veg and 1 meat. The veg portion is big. It is $2 usually.

What I had above was 2 meat instead. I ordered the cabbage and lemon grass chicken. $2. Then i felt like having their stuff toufu. $1 extra.

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Anonymous said...

It's almost lunchtime now... the only 'safe' time to read your blog since I can do something about it right after, haha.

Momo said...

That's a huge portion of food for $3! I cant even see the rice ;)

Keropok Man said...

it's always safe, remember that!

i usually take the $2 which is without the extra tofu. I had the tofu because it looked too tempting not to order it. LOL

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