Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spice Peranakan @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Last Sunday after church, our lunch was not too far away from church. We wanted to have lunch and go home and sleep. We went to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Aunt said that she saw this place, but have not tried it yet. So we decided to go and 'try try' lah..

It's at one end of the shopping centre, quite hidden if you don't walk to the end.
Basement 1, B1-18 if you are looking for it.

They have a menu board that has boxes in front of the name of dishes. When it's ticked, that means they have it that day. How interesting. They cook less things on Sundays it seems as there's less people around. It's a mum and pop shop.

So what did we have? We had the Chap Chye.

We also tried the stuff sotong. The sotong is stuffed with fish meat we were told. But I can't tell what it is. The sauce is quite ok.

This is the Asam Fish. It was quite all right too. The fish was a mackerel cut into 2 parts, and it is quite decent size.

One thing though. After our meal, we thought we ordered Asam Prawns, where are the prawns?? Then we realise we were served fish instead!haha...

Next was the fish that we actually ordered. It's called Ikan Tempra. The selar fish was fried till very crispy. "very garing" as they say it in Malay. I like this because I like to eat this kind of 'cheap' fish (that's no longer cheap) and it is covered with onions with black sauce, which is my fav too. (yes, very bias i know)

We also had Ayam Penyet. The penyet is not really penyet right? Look how high it still is. Maybe they forgot to hammer it! haha.. But it was fried very nicely. Plus the Tempra style again which had my favourite 'dao you' onions.

The food's overall's quite ok. We had 3 persons, we paid $26 for the dishes above.

But..... they got to learn how to cook rice! Yes, rice! Rice is the most important thing for this kind of dishes right? Rice that was served was half cooked. The middle part of the rice was still hard. Definitely not enough water. Alamak right?

Give chance a bit lah, next time hopefully they get to cook their rice properly. Maybe it is a new hired hand in the kitchen that cooked the rice. If rice is still not ok the next time, just tapow the dishes home, then eat it with freshly cooked rice.

Talking about rice, I miss the Bario rice from Sarawak. Must ask someone visiting Sarawak to bring back some!

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mama bok said...

Not really Peranakan food hor..?

team bsg said...

the more we look at your pixs we are quite convinced the range of Chinese food in Spore is much wider down south than north. and so how was the sleep after the bad rice ?

Kenny Mah said...

Har??? Rice not cooked properly? Then how can they serve it leh? Teruk-nye... And what's this Bario rice? Is it that different from normal rice? Drier/wetter/plumper?

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