Thursday, April 24, 2008

Streets Cafe @ Bukit Panjang Plaza

Last Sunday, I was back at Bukit Panjang. Yes, for the 3rd straight week! Anyway, this week's lunch is at this 'yellowish' looking place, a HK Style Cafe called Streets Cafe.

The last time I was at a HK Cafe, I ordered curry. Hmm I ordered curry again at this HK Cafe! Looks like only curry with nothing in it?

It looks empty because it was a deep bowl and there was lots of yummy curry. LOL. I had to use the fork and spoon to dig up the contents. This plain looking curry is the yummiest of all the food we ordered. My sis says it has the 'malay curry' style.

Yes, another dish that allows you to wallop up all your rice.

Uncle had the beef noodle. The beef is very tender and he enjoyed it.

Bro had Sze Chuan Rice. It looks like 'dao you kuay' to me right?
It's something I have not had for a long long time. Must ask mum to cook it for us!

Sis had the Portuguese Stone Rice.
Guess what? The big bowl of curry found itself into this rice too. LOL

Aunt had the wanton noodles that had big wantons!
Sounds a bit unorthodox, but putting the yummy curry over this was tasty! hehe..

When we were paying, we realise Citibank had a 10% for the food items. Yey....

Food for thought:
In your daily speech, do people believe what you say? Is your 'yes' and 'yes' and your 'no' a 'no'?

Do you use phrases like 'seriously...', 'believe me...', 'really...' , 'you must trust me on this' way too often? It might sound that you are trying very hard to convince others that you are speaking the truth. Hmmm... Does that means that other times you are lying?

Today's food for thought brought to you by Matt 5:37

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Anonymous said...

I love curry potatoes!

The portugese stone bowl rice resembles the korean bi bim bap.

tigerfish said...

Looks like more and more cha chan teng in SG!

Keropok Man said...

i love any kind of curry! ;-)

ya, the stone bowl looks like korean bi bim bap.

ya lor, everywhere you see it.

Rachel said...

hi keropok man! I recently found your
blog from a trail of blogs starting with onokine grindz :)
anyway I just wanted to tell you I have enjoyed drooling over the Singapore food that I miss. I was an overseas student too but I stayed on in Australia. Anyway thanks for the nice photos and although it makes me homesick, it is comforting in a way to know that Singapore still has such yummy food waiting for me when I visit.

Rachel said...

btw did the stone bowl taste like bibim bap? or because no hot pepper sauce did it taste more like sar po fan ?

Momo said...

Did EL eat? Didnt see her food :P

keelyn said...

How come u can eat good food everyday? Wont get fat???

kusumo said...

Hi KEROPOK MAN!! :) i have to say that ur blog is my favourite food blog.. all read your blog for recommendation of eating place.. keep up the good job showing all the wonderful food in singapore.. :)

Keropokgirl said...

rachel, there was a sauce for the Portuguese stone rice. it did taste like bi bim bap.

momo, good observation. EL was at tuition - not with us. :)

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