Thursday, April 17, 2008

Villa Bali @ Lock Road, Gillman Village

Yesterday, my care group friends and I, we went for dinner at somewhere different. Someone suggest Villa Bali, so off we went.

Never been there before, and the place looks very 'bali' indeed. There are 'huts' where you can dine. You can choose between the more usual table and chairs, or you can choose 'to sit and cross your legs kind' with a low table.

We chose the normal table and chairs kind.

What did we eat? Since it was nearly 745 pm, and we were so hungry, the 4 of us decided we shall eat first. So, we ordered the "Balinese Dinner Platter" $60.

It came on a bit platter like what you see here. There's chicken sambal, sate lilit, fish pepes, lawar kacang, bergedel, sambal eggplant, chicken curry, beef rendang, chicken sate and bali rice.

The place is too dim so I had to use flash. LOL. It has been some time since I used the flash on my camera! The food's quite tasty.

Then at nearly 9 pm, another person finished work and is joining us. Another can't make it. So with one more coming, and we were still hungry, we ordered another set.

This is the Thai Set, the smaller set at $40.
There's fried rice, soft shell crab, mango salad, fish pieces, mince beef, prawns and roast chicken. We actually find this nicer.

We were quite happy about this place except for something. When we asked for a refill of cold water, guess what they said? "We only have 1 serving of cold water". WHAT??!!

I guess this place is a place where people come here for drinks. Maybe that's why they have such a silly billy rule. Of course, you pay $4.50 for the 300ml of imported water, which someone in our group did. (thirsty what... what to do? LOL)

An interesting thought to put to you if you are one of those who likes to drink 'imported' water.
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mama bok said...

Donch you just hate it.. when they do that.. :( so unfriendly lah..!

alicesg said...

The food looked so yummy and good but you have to pay extra for another glass of water...hmmm...thumbs down....

Anonymous said...


Do you know if the steam boat in Marina Bay area still open? I heard they have closed down, but I am unsure.

Can you also recommend good steam boat resto here in Singapore?


Anonymous said...

Wowsers! That is some platter! How does one start? From the center, or just sapu around the ring first? Lapar di...

Camemberu said...

Wow, gorgeous platters! But each look like enough for two persons only. How so many people share??

Ah, hate that places about charging for ice water.

Kitty said...

food always makes for an interesting photo.
The tap water in NYC is actually pretty good. Most people here drink tap after filtering it.

tia said...

hi my name is tia and i'd like to do an interview regarding food-blogging for my school's project. i've sent email to your email but havent got any reply. thanks for your time, i appreciate it.

DwD said...

those two look so goooodddd! gosh, i wish i was in bali :(
i hate it when restaurant dont provide the customers with tap water

Keropok Man said...

mama bok,
at least this place gives us 1 glass of ice water. LOL... but we had other side dishes that was not photographed here. our food bill was over 100 before drinks and taxes, maybe that should justify more water? it's their business decision anyway.

we can always vote with our thirst. LOL

not very sure about the Marina Bay steamboat. There are quite a few, if you like the Ma La kind, there's one in Tangling Shopping Centre and Suntec City.

Coca is nice, but its getting more pricey. I always see the Happy Pay Steamboat advert, and it looks nice. But yet to go. (at Tan Quee Lan St)

Keropok Man said...

Errr, up to individual lah. see what your fav is! haha...

somehow, all of us took the rice in the middle first, then we all attacked the satay.

the platter is quite big. look at the size of your keyboard, imagine it is round, that's the size of it. we had 4 sharing the 1st platter.

5 persons sharing the 2nd platter.

Actually, Singapore tap water is safe to drink even without filtering.

sent you a reply. :-)

everything was good. (except the water part. LOL)

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