Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bi Feng Tang @ Bukit Panjang Plaza

Today, it's my first venture into Bukit Panjang Plaza! Aunt brought us to eat at this place that she kinda like. She has been here because our cousin's tuition is at a teacher's house in this area. Yes, parents will go all the way to any part of this island as long as there's a good teacher ;-)

A few weeks ago, aunt bought this and invited us over for dinner. It was quite delicious and had a promo of a soy chicken for only $9 for a whole bird. It seems that during CNY, you would have people queue for it from 3pm though they only start at 6 pm! (siao ah!)

One of the reasons we pop by here is because our cousin likes this chicken. Aunt said that you should come with a few more persons and order half a chicken. Individual portions are a bit too small. ;-)

We also had deep fried beans with mince. The mince is a mix of mince pork and salted fish. We picked that out after nibbling on the bits after all the greens were gone. ;-)

The 'ngao lam' dish. We wanted more tendons but I think they prefer to serve people more meat. lol. Dish so so lah...

We also had this Sambal Seafood Tofu. This is a fiery dish! Very very pedas!

It's at #02-31/32, Bukit Panjang Plaza if you are wondering where it is. Think they also have a 3 other branches around Singapore.

Hope you all have had a good weekend. It's another new week tomorrow and may you have a good start for the week!

Update (10 Sept 09) :
I was just notified that they no longer operate the Bukit Panjang Plaza branch. They are still at Wisma Atria and Century Square.

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zs said...

What a coincidence... I was just there last night! :)

mama bok said...

Yummy..!! was it ex..??

Anonymous said...


The deep fried beans with mince look especially good, what with bits of salted fish thrown in. Do you food bloggers eat this well ALL THE TIME?


tigerfish said...

Bi Feng Tang? Sounds like a place where can eat Bi Feng Tang fried crabs (famous dish in Hong Kong) but they have sambal seafood tofu instead! :O

wmw said...

Oooh...the soy chicken looks good! Or maybe it's because I'm looking at it at 4am??? Hahaha....

Eileen. 静 said...

wisma food court has bi feng tang

century sq too.. basement

Keropok Man said...

zs, ;-)

mamabok, so so i guess. I dunno. I din pay.

kennymah, no, we eat instant noodles too! when we have no time. jangan jeles lah..

crabs. hmm. must go HK to eat one day!

4 am and still not sleeping????

hmmm you know your places well. :-)

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