Monday, January 12, 2009

Al-Ameen Eating House @ Bukit Timah

On the stretch of Cheong Chin Nam Road, Al-Ameen must be one of the busiest shops around. After the peranakan food the other day, one of our dear friend who is perpetually hungry wanted to eat some more. So from Beauty World Centre we crossed the road to Al-Ameen.

We ordered 3 ice kachang, but 'tak boleh' lah, the ice kacang here. Too much colouring. Also the red bean taste funny. 3 of us ate one bean each only. LOL...

But the Naan here is not too bad. This is the Cheese Naan. Looks tempting?

Cheese Naan

When our friend ordered, he was asked, you want any sauce? He said yes, Dahl please. LOL
So they served a huge portion, a thick meal portion of it. We were wondering, wow, this is different from the watery version elsewhere. It was only when he went to pay that he realised, it's the meal portion and it's $3. LOL....

Dahl Sauce

We were already quite full, but he ordered this huge plate of Indian Rojak to share.

Indian Rojak

I could not eat anymore. I only had 2 or 3 pieces of stuff only.

Indian Rojak

The sauce is quite ok.

Indian Rojak Sauce

This place served so many kinds of food. Got to come back to try other stuff.
(and also avoid some stuff too)

Al-Ameen Eating House
2,3,4 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599727

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Kenny said...

The naan looks awfully oily. Try Al-Azhar too, it's just further down Cheong Chin Nam street, somewhere behind the bus stop. I think their better.

FoodieGymmie said...

i don't rmb their naan being so oily...and is is still crispy? cos it looks oily and soggy. and oh ya! they serve very nice palek paneer too!

pentel said...

Greetings from Canada

Jumping Jupiter! Do they have cheese naan there? There is a big East Indian community (yes, from India, not the red indian) here and I've never seen cheese naan anywhere here ;)

CT said...

AL-AMEEN the food quality dwindle already.

Seriously, just stick to the Indian food. Don't bother with the 'Thai-Chinese' food served here... The western offering.. just stick to the fried stuff. They can't go wrong with that.

I only come here because it's one of those joints where the atmosphere is still lively despite the late hour..

Lunch is Served! said...

Eeeeeeee! I give up on them already. The food's super oily!

Al-Azhar's much better leh.

Anonymous said...

I too prefer Al-Azhar. But Al-ameen has another outlet at Jalan Remaja which is much nearer my place, so I do patronize that from time to time.

Keropok Man said...

yeah, a tad oily it is..

hmm the rest of the comments says we should go to the next 'Al' a few doors to eat instead. but will try one day :-)

yes, all sorts of naan. it's oily but it does smell good.

We saw the next few tables all ordering Indian food. So I guess pple go there for Indian food only? :-)

No give chance again? LOL

At Al-Ameen, saw the satay, wonder if you know it's good?

Camemberu said...

Mmmh looks yum! But yeah, I hear it's really crowded.

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