Friday, January 02, 2009

Vegetarian Food @ Holland Drive Food Centre

We wanted to go to Holland Village to collect my 'just renewed' Sushi Tei card, but there was no parking. So Momo and I decided to just forget about eating there. We went to Holland Drive Food Centre instead.

To have the ultra cheap $2 meal.
Sorry, the first photo is blurry, it focused on the man at the side instead! I took only 1 photo. haha..

The Stall at #02-26 Holland Drive Food Centre

These are the two plates we ordered. It is one of the most filling meal you can have for $2.
Don't think it is healthy though. But the crispy 'roast goose' (tofu / beancurd skin) sure is delicious.

If you are wondering, this is mock vegetarian food, the crispy tofu skin is suppose to represent "sao er" (roast goose). Does it look like it at all? LOL...

Plate 1

I don't fancy mock 'cha shao' (bbq meat). I prefer the real thing. Anyone knows what the brown pieces is suppose to represent? :-)

Plate 2

The thing I like are actually the cabbage, pickled green chilli and crispy tofu skin. They give a lot of bee hoon, so it is super filling.

Noticed that they have gone back to using washable plates instead of disposable Styrofoam plates. Looks like they are turning greenie too.

Zhen Ji Vegetarian Food
44 Holland Drive
02-26 Holland Drive Food Centre
Singapore 120044

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ice said...

I think the brown gluten is just another version of a char siew equivalent.

southernoise said...

the brown stuff is supposed to be large intestines... if I'm thinking of the right brown stuff... ha!

Life for Beginners said...

Yay for turning green! There is something unappetizing about all them styrofoam plates and boxes you see.

I suddenly have a craving for beehoon...

Babydust said...

It's mock duck. Confirmed. :)

Keropok Man said...

ice, southernoise, babydust,
thanks. So it's confirmed to be mock duck.

me too! on a sat morning with Asian Food Channel turn on in front of me, replying comments. LOL...

Doris said...

If I am not wrong, this store was once voted the best vegetarian hawker store in Singapore by our local TV food team. But personally, I find the vegetarian store in Ghim Moh Food Centre (not sure of its store no) better.

Keropok Man said...

Shall try Ghim Moh's one of these days :-) Since it's not that far from HV. Thanks for the tip.

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