Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yee Sang @ Siam Kitchen

Was accompanying dad and mum and our uncle and aunty and cousin to visit our grandma's cousin at Marine Parade. This grandaunt can really really talk! Anyway, it was interesting listening to her stories. LOL...

After the annual visit, we thought we will have lunch nearby. We popped by Parkway Parade, and wondering around settled on Siam Kitchen.

We saw the Yee Sang and thought why not? So, here it is, it might be the first Yee Sang I had in a halal establishment. The waitress was a Malay and she read out the 'auspicious phrases' as she poured the ingredients over. She must have practiced her chinese! (We can invite our Malay friends here for Yee Sang!)

The colourful ingredients....

The Start...

The Salmon being added - "Nian nian you yu" (Abundance of leftover every year)

The Salmon added

The "oil" was poured - "Soon Soon Li Li" (Smooth sailing in the things that you do)
The "plum sauce" was poured - "Tian Tian Mi Mi" (Sweet as Honey)

The "oil" and "sauce" poured

The crunchy crackers poured - "Huang Jin Man Tang" (Gold Nuggets all over)
The pepper and spices. (I forgot what they said) haha...

The "golden nuggets" added

We then 'tossed' the salad. It might be the cleanest we ever had. No spillage and also the first time we finished everything. It's either we are really hungry or this mix was delicious. We never seem to have finished our Yee Sang before!

Served on a small platter

Siam Kitchen
Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449269

Tel: 6342 1588

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Camemberu said...

First time I see halal yee sang! But then again, it's all vegetables and fish...

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