Monday, January 05, 2009

All Time Favourites Kopitiam @ IMM

One of the quick lunches that we had over the weekend. We were at IMM for some window shopping. When asked what to eat, the answer was "without much waiting time place" as we were all kinda hungry.

We thought of having Nasi Goreng at the corner ground floor shop but decided not to waste our money and time there because the food's horrible and they refuse to acknowledge though we told him what the problem was. Oh well, we walked past and realise many people agree with us. There's noticebly less people there now. (only suckers still go there lol)

We decided to have Chicken Rice instead. It's near the QB Haircut outlet. You can see the word Kopitiam. The full name's All Time Favourites Kopitiam.

The chicken's here not too bad. We can see many people ordering the chicken rice too. This is the half a soy sauce chicken.

Half a chicken.

We added a piece of tofu.

Lor Tofu

Plus a sidedish of BBQ Meat. This is so so only lah.

The Char Siu.

They also serve herbal soup that has chicken feet. The soup's quite nice if you like the herbal taste. Chicken feet boiled in the soup makes it really nice.

The chicken feet and herbal soup

We had 5 bowls of rice.

The chicken rice

I think it was around $28 for the above.

All Time Favourites Kopitiam
IMM Shopping Mall
2 Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 609601

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pentel said...

Greetings from Canada

The soy chicken looks good. Soy chicken is expensive here. $7 for half a soy chicken. Comparing that, I could buy one whole roast rotisserie chicken for $7. I never buy soy chicken for that reason.


Life for Beginners said...

I am such a 'farn tong'... the shot that really seduced me was the last one of the rice, each grain separted from each other, transluscent almost with a thin sheen of chicken fat... Oh... Oh... Oh...

Ahem. Yes. Nice.

southernoise said...

hmmmm... that corner shop... hmmm..... hur hur hur... the food there must be really really bad hor?

I always dunno what to eat at IMM and end up a Ajisen/Fish&Co or if I'm alone there BK for junk food. Coffee club there not nice. Taka one still the best.

Nic (KHKL) said...

i think it used to be a ipoh hor fun stall. changed to this after renovation.

the mee rebus and siam at red ginger next door are pretty decent as well.

Keropok Man said...

I remember when I was studying we would buy the rotisserie chicken and bring it back to add sauce to it because the taste's not really nice. So a bottle of Apricot sauce etc, will change the dish. hehe..

Yes, we know you are a farn tong. hehe..

Ya, always end up at Ajisen too! LOL I like the salty pai ku there. hehe...

the mee rebus and siam might be nice next door, but not their nasi goreng stuff anymore. ;-)

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