Friday, January 09, 2009

Noodles @ Science Canteen, NUS

We have been having 'cheap eats' lunch at the NUS Canteen this whole week. The students are not coming in till next week, so there's still seating places.

It seems people are willing to queue for is value for money. The noodle stall's queue seems to be longer than the 'chinese mixed rice' queue!

Colleague's lunch: The chicken wings noodles with 'jia cai, jia dan' (extra vegetables and egg). Around $3.

Chicken Wing Noodles with extra veg and egg

This is what I had. "Pai Gu Kuo Tiao, gan, bu yao la, yao fan qie" (I hope that's correct).
Pork Rib Rice Noodles, Dry version, No Sambal, Yes to tomato sauce. $2.
I love add in pickled green chilli and minced garlic. Give it a good mix and it taste yummy!

Pork Rib Rice Noodles with lots of garlic and pickled green chilli

Colleagues and I eaten so often here, that we have eaten all kinds of permutations of available!

Chinese Noodles Stall
The Frontier (Science Canteen)
Science Drive 2
National University of Singapore

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Ming the Merciless said...

That is an amazing price for lunch! Wish we had subsidized lunches at my work.

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