Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dulukala Peranakan Restaurant @ Beauty World Centre

Yesterday's dinner was Peranakan food with two other friends. One of them alighted from his 'transport service' at Rifle Range Road. The other friend has been obsessed with the recently ended drama, The Little Nyonya, so, we thought we shall try Dulukala at Beauty World.

It seems that after the drama, Peranakan restaurants all over has been quite popular. When we arrive the place was empty, but after a while, people started flowing in that those who came in a bit later had to be turned away because there's no tables left.

It has been a long long time since I came here.

Dulukala Peranakan Restaurant

Here's what we had:
The belachan chilli.

Belachan Chilli

The ladies fingers fried with ikan bilis. $6.

When I cook this at home, it's always slimy, but the version here is not. (I wonder how they do it.) It is cooked with high heat, so there's this 'wok hei' taste and it smells and taste very good!

Fried Ladies Finger

We wanted Itik Tim, but they came back to us saying they do not have it. (run out or not available? never mind..)
So we had the Bakwan Kepiting instead. $7

Bakwan Kepiting

The Babi Ponteh $6.50. I like Babi Ponteh from anywhere. I think I like stuff that has 'tao chio'.

Babi Ponteh

The Chinchalok Egg. $5. One of my favourites.
Chinchalok is made from Fermented Shrimp so it's an acquired taste. :-)

Chinchalok Egg

The portions are a bit small, so you got to order more dishes if you are a big eater. It's a very family business, so they take some time to prepare the dishes, so you got to be really patient.

Dulukala Peranakan Restaurant
144 Bukit Timah Road
#04-04 Beauty World Centre
Singapore 588177

Tel: 6465 2036

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ice said...

I've heard so much about this place! Portions small but you ordered quite little for 3 pax leh.

Noodlegirl said...

OMG I tell u before I go back to Singapore which is god knows when I am going to do a big research on your blog on where to go to eat.

Oh go check my blog you are gonna be surprise to see what I found!

Lunch is Served! said...

OMG! I've TOTALLY forgotten about this place! Everytime I'm there, they're closed. So we always end up eating at Green on Earth.

alicesg said...

Food looked good and the belachan chilli looked yummy.

Hehehe, recently my childhood friend and I crazy over nonya food but not because of the nonya drama (dont follow). We were quite disappointed with the hi tea buffet at chilli padi and the sitting arrangements are so close to each other, no privacy. I prefer the nonya restaurant at Vivo City, good ambience and food good too.

brad said...

where's the shark dinner gonna post? need to queue up eh? :p

Keropok Man said...

yes, we ordered too little. so we have round 2 after that. but from diff place, coz we din want to wait all over again. LOL

most places have good food in Singapore. LOL

Will go check out what you found. :-)

My sis and aunt have their afternoon tea there sometimes. Not been there, any good?

The top floor of Beauty World seems to be stuck in time! still the same after all these years!

Seating arrangement is close because sudden influx of pple visiting is it? After a while, less people will go lah. From a few friends, it seems Peranakan food is an acquired taste. 1 out of 3 person I ask don't like it. Only want to try because of the TV drama. It will pass like pao pao cha or donuts :-)

it's up. LOL...

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