Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snacking in Office for CNY...

Few days ago, one of our colleagues decided that we shall have our own little snack time in office. Not sure about you, but the vendors that usually buy us Bak Kwa etc did not give anything this year! (Everyone knows why...)

But we have a tiny session, half and hour to chit chat a bit. The Bak Kwa. Yum Yum..
This colleague is a Bee Cheng Hiang fan. She loves everything from BCH. We being gluttons don't mind.

It's a bit oily, but Bak Kwa during the CNY season all 'drop standard'. They have too much to BBQ in such a short time. Also, depending on the branch you buy it from, the quality varies. It all depends on the person BBQ-ing it.

Bak Kwa - BBQ Pork Slices

Then some cookies too. This is the raisin cookies.

Raisin Cookies

Looks like a mess, but once you start, you can't seem to stop. We just ate and chat. It was almost all gone in a few mins!

Raisin Cookies

This was nice too..

Meat floss wrapped with Seaweed

It's seaweed with meat floss inside. Crispy outside, soft meat floss inside. Addictive too!

Meat floss wrapped with Seaweed

Wishing everyone a very Blessed Lunar New Year!!

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ice said...

Happy New Year KPM! & Momo too!

Fen said...

Happy New Year to you too

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