Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant @ Quality Hotel, Balestier for LoveSharks.sg event.

Have you heard of LoveSharks? It's a local shark protectionist group that aims to educate and bring awareness that sharks are friends and not food.

If you have eaten sharksfin recently, you would have played a part in killing of the thousands of sharks that are killed for their fins.

Want to know how you can save the sharks? Hop over to LoveSharks' blog site that brings you news about Sharks at http://lovesharks.sg/

The folks at LoveSharks hosted the media and a few food bloggers to a meal to remind us that you and I can start loving sharks by not eating them! They are alternatives to sharks fin. "Mock Fins" are available if you want to have the texture of sharks fin in your soup or dishes.

The dinner's a vegetarian dinner at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant at Balestier Road. This meal's available as a set meal available at this restaurant for the coming Chinese New Year festivities.

We started the meal with a vegetarian Prosperity Yu Sheng. Salmon's replaced with mock meat that tasted like a firmer version of fish cakes.

Prosperity Vegetarian Yu Sheng

Next's the Vegetarian Sharks Fin Soup. The replacement mock fins not as crunchy as sharks fin, but we know one less shark is killed because we ate mock fins. The soup's not as tasty though. You need the vinegar and maybe pickled green chilli (that's what I did) to make it taste better.

Vegetarian Shark's Fin soup

Next dish served was Caltrops with Hairy Mushroom. This dish has the mock fins as well on top.

Caltrops with Hairy Mushroom

What are caltrops? It's also known as Water Chestnuts. They look a miniature version of black bull horns. I used to think they were horns when I was a kid! haha...

Caltrops with Hairy Mushroom

The Spicy Pan-fried Vegetarian Fish was served next. I would have prefered it without the spicy capsicum and chilli mix on top. They are tofu that suppose to replace cod fish.

Spicy Pan-fried Vegetarian Fish

The next dish, came served in ice cream cones. Fresh Mushrooms with Asparagus in Ice Cream Cones. The mushroom and asparagus quite all right, but ice cream cones should only go with ice cream. :-)

Fresh Mushrooms with Asparagus in Ice Cream Cones

Oh the next dish quite unique. It's Fruity Almond Rolls and Vegetarian Otah.

Otah's not the thing that's unique, but the Rolls are. It has Nangka (Jackfruit), Banana and Mock Crab sticks in it. Maybe they should use higher heat to quickly deep fry it. It's a bit drenched with oil.

Fruity Almond Rolls and Vegetarian Otah

Everyone's favourite it seems. The next dish was Stewed Golden Fungus with Vegetarian Tenderloin. I love this dish very much. If I were to come back here, I would order this again. Daikon, chestnuts, mushrooms, carrot and the vegetarian equivalent of sea cucumber and tendons.

Stewed Golden Fungus with Vegetarian Tenderloin

Little rice balls was served next. I wonder how they replicate the real chicken rice balls into these mock chicken rice balls. It was very fragrant but a tad oily.

Mock Chicken Rice Ball

The rice ball's good, but not the mock chicken. Forget the chicken, the rice balls goes well with the sauce from the previous dish.

Mock Chicken with Mock Chicken Rice ball

Dinner ended with a very pleasant dessert. This is Osmanthus Pudding with Xue Lian.
I am not sure how to describe it, but I just like it!

Osmanthus pudding with xue lian

Thanks to the folks at lovesharks for this meal. This set dinner's for 10 costs S$358++ and it's available at Lotus.

My photos are mostly close up photos. To see the dishes in all their splendour or from a different view/angle, visit my fellow food blogger's site who joined us for dinner. They brought their high end huge cameras. :-)

- Camemberu
- Lady Iron Chef
- Southernoise
- Superfinefeline (Gastronomic Ruminations)

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
2nd level, Quality Hotel
201 Balestier Road
Singapore 329926

Hours: Open daily, Lunch: 1130hrs - 1500hrs, Dinner: 1800hrs - 2200hrs
Tel: 6254 0090

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Unknown said...

yay dude! you are second. high 5! hahahahaha. woo, your last photo of the pudding crystal clear. meet up soon : )

red fir said...

"If I were to come back here, I would order this again."

Are you ever going to return lol. :P

Fen said...

The issue about animal cruelty don't jus end with sharks without fins, alot of times we do neglect other food that are subjected to animal cruelty... like suckling pigs, veal, foie gras, even live seafood...

It is nice to introduce vegetarian food when CNY is approaching but it is hard to get meat eaters to eat vegetables and mock dishes, isn't it?

The dessert looks good... From the ingredients, it seems to be a refreshing dish... Nice combination for a hot weather...

Kenny Mah said...

Hmm... the main issue I have with mock meats is that if one wants to go vegetarian, why still crave after meat (albeit mock meat)? The human mind works in mysterious ways... :P

Passerby A said...

Very nice indeed! But I prefer meat. And lots of it. MEAT!

Anonymous said...

If U are so worried about eating shark’s fin & other meat related items. The better solution would have been going vegetarian.

This organization - Loveshark.sg are dime a dozen in the footsteps of those campaigning for a particular dinner table items to be off the menu.

The only real solution is to stop eating, taking, abusing & manipulating animals. Period.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget which culture has actually demonstrated that they are capable of causing extinction in a species; the West. Do a quick wiki search, it's not hard to see that the majority of animal extinctions were driven by the West for all sorts of reasons, some more stupid than others. It's easy for them to point a finger at the East now for our whaling, shark's fin consumption (traditions which have gone on for years mind you) etc when they've already done their fair share of proven irreversible damage. Go to hell, when China becomes the superpower, the hypocritical West will bow down like the dogs they are and know their rightful position is to gather the crumbs under my table. And all you White culture loving traitors, you will be there fighting for scrapes as well. Enough with these white-washed double standards.

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