Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthday Supper @ Lau Pa Sat

On Tuesday night, after our Bible Study Fellowship lessons, 16 of us went out for supper. It was to celebrate our dear friend Matthew's birthday. (Btw, we are also studying the book of Matthew. :-) )

It seems that Lau Pa Sat has become our new makan haunt. It has been 'siao/gila' satay mood for the last few months. We have been coming here since we realize some time ago that our other supper place, does not offer 50% off desserts for dining in anymore.

Here's some of the things we had. The sticky red chicken wings.

Our dear Matthew got this plate complimentary from the Satay man. Do not ask how he did it, but he did! LOL. The prawns can eat lah if you have peculiar taste buds. LOL

But it's the Satay that we like. After trying so many stalls, it seems we only like 1 stall. We like Satay Power. Everyone's tastebuds are different, but we found that we all seem to agree on the same thing. Very united huh. LOL

We ordered 4 kinds. Duck, Beef, Mutton and Chicken. 15 each, so we have 60 sticks to share around.

We also had kueh pai ti.

And the same Sisters Rojak again.

Plus desserts that we pretend to be the birthday cake. LOL

We had other things too, but they have been posted here before, so enough of it lah.
Oh yes, to save money, ask people who have the kopitiam card to pay first. You get 10% off. Then split the bill accordingly. That's what we do.

Happy Birthday Matt!

Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
Boon Tat Street

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Anonymous said...

There are discounts and kopitiam cards now at food courts? Oh I am so "ketinggalan zaman", man... :P

Drink lotsa water, dude... so much fried food!

Anonymous said...

Duck satay? Interesting! That's the first time I've seen it. Was it tough or tender?

Anonymous said...


Newbiekenobi said...

The satay and chicken wings look yummy! It's a bit burnt though.

tigerfish said...

Even got duck satay!?

I want to eat the Kueh Pie Tee!

SoRMuiJAi said...

Wow...all the times I've been to Singapore, I never knew there was duck satay!?!?!? Is this a common thing or just this one stall? How much are the duck satays compared to the regular pork/chicken?

Unknown said...

My taste buds are on fire. These shots are awesome sir! It sounds like you had a fabulous time!

Camemberu said...

Satay for birthday! Sounds like a fantastic celeberation!

I also didn't know about duck satay!

Unknown said...

Ya, most 'kopitiam' branded kopitiam has the kopitiam discount card. It's to tempt people back. LOL

yes, i had 2 cans of liang teh!

aromacookery, tigerfish, sormuijai, camemberu,
have been having it for sometime. We order from "power satay" and I think they have been duck satay. but you won't know it's duck! no duck smell one. (i dunno if that's good or bad. LOL)

the nicest satay I have tried is actually rabbit, in Malaysia.

mama bok,
we are such gluttons right? LOL

ah boy,
yes, a bit burnt. depends on the person who is bbq-ing it. have to dig those bits out lor.

yes, celebrating birthdays and eating with friends are usually fun right?

Anonymous said...

Would like to bring my family to eat sate. Can you please tell me if they contain coloring (judging from the photo)? My eldest has an allergy so I need to know before going down there. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Most probably they contain a little. Esp the chicken wings and desserts.

Other stuff should be generally ok.

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