Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ming Yen BBQ Seafood @ Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Last night, our friends flew in from Sydney on transit back to UK. Mag, our Aussie friend said that she wanted to eat at Lao Pa Sat. Hmmm I wonder if it's because the Tourism Board has been advertising it in Sydney!

She wanted to eat local food and after that go over to snaps photos of the Merlion. There were 8 of us. When we sat down, the different laminated menus all appeared in front of us! We also happened to sit in front of Ming Yen, so we guess we would try it out.

So what did we order? We had fried HK noodle, which I forgot to take photos of!
Then we had sambal LaLa. Sis and I think that it taste quite good. We call it LaLa, but our Aussie friends call it pipis.

We had sambal kangkong too. Missing the 'wok hei' though.

We had baby squid too. Oh. these are really crispy and tasty. Our guests loved it, so did we. ;-)

We also had ikan bakar / sambal stingray. We all loved it, except for Mag's other half. LOL. We could see that he wanted to spit the fish out after he had taken a bite. We told him he did not have to eat it, just leave it on the side.

We also had prawn balls/rolls. Mag's other half said he wants to eat prawns but prawns without shells. So we ordered this. I normally do not like this, but we found this quite tasty.

Sis and I agreed that the food from this stall is not bad at all, but it's a bit touristy priced. ;-p
Since we had 8 of us, we had other stuff too, CKT (again!), Chai Tow Kueh, Rojak, etc... I will post those photos tomorrow. ;-)

Ming Yen BBQ Seafood
18 Raffles Quay,
55-57 Lao Pa Sat Festival Market
Singapore 048582

The stall faces the open air 'satay street' if you are wondering where they are.

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Par said...

Out of all those dish, I think I would like to try out the last one.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I've been away from Blogland for a week now... so many yummy posts to catch up on... I forgot yours was a DAILY blog! Hahaha...

tigerfish said...

Pipis or lala...i call them clams! ahhahaa!!!

In Taiwan, they like to fry clams with basil in tse char

Unknown said...

Ms __ 2 be,
The last one is quite nice. :-) Good choice!

Were you hungry while you were away? LOL.

Hmm. clams with basil sounds good hor. maybe should ask them to do that here too.

i still like to call it lala. sounds so cheerful and happy!

Anonymous said...

tis restaurant is a day i eat a crab at tis ming yen restaurant and the crab cost so expensive i say to my self tat i wont eat at tis restaurant again

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