Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spizza @ Balmoral Plaza

Last Saturday, it was our catch up / makan session / birthday celebration with our classmates / course mates / uni mates from Melbourne night again. It's incredible that we make it a point to meet up and we have been doing this over 2 years now!

From facebook, we found other Melbourne friends that we lost contact, and invited them in as well. This time we initially had around 20 over adults who could actually make it, but due to last minute emergencies (eg, 1 family had to quarantine themselves because their child had HFMD, one had to 'nurse' her husband who was sick, etc...)

But we still had 12 adults and 6 children showing up. We had a list of venues that we wanted to go, but we end up at Spizza at Balmoral Plaza because of majority vote? haha...

The only photo I took of the menu. I thought it was so interesting that they have the pizza covered from A to Z!

We ordered a few starters to share, this is one of them. The calamari rings.

The kids had pasta etc, but most of us ordered the pizza to share.
We are quite the gluttony type, so must have ordered around 6 or so pizza to share around.

As the table was quite long, here are some photos that is within the reach of my hands. LOL. I can't remember the names of them. But they were all quite delicious.

They are all the thin crust pizza.

And quite generous with the toppings.

They were quite juicy as well.

They are also baked in a big 'wood' oven. This was taken as we were leaving.

The night was good. Meeting up and chatting and catching up with a family that we had not met for the longest time.

Prices are on the higher side. Someone was saying, if only it was 'la prochetta' in Melbourne's pricing. LOL. Our total bill was $313. But there's a 10% if you use a HSBC card.

271 Bukit Timah Road
01-09 Balmoral Plaza
Singapore 259708

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Anonymous said...

Looks good, loved the one with the egg, not sure how to split that pizza up though.

Anonymous said...

Ahh... haven't had good ol' fashion pizza like this in awhile. And to smear that yolk all over the pizza... Yummy. :D

HairyBerry said...

haha, i sure wont feel good eating a pizza with a friend's name. it's like eating them alive! haha!

nice shot of that oven!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I second Kenny. Smearing that yolk all over would be fair, but some people might be put off by the idea...

His Food Blog said...

Oh what a coincidence - I just had lunch at Waffletown at Balmoral Plaza. The Spizza there do served pretty mean pizzas.


Anonymous said...

Looks appetising. I'm hungry.


Anonymous said...

I'm quite in love with their pizzas. My favorite for now. There's an outlet just 10 mins away from my house.

tigerfish said...

Pizza with egg on top. Seen it but nvr tried it. Would like to :)

Unknown said...

cut around the egg, take the egg part and give others the rest. LOL...

the egg was too far from my reach, i did not eat it! arrghh

hmmm luckily they dont have a pizza called nic!

maybe people should ask for more eggs eh? hehe..

ooo... we seems to be going to same places, but missing each other eh?

go grab some food, don't get gastric ya...

ooo. i have to travel so far to get here, you stay 10 mins to the nearest outlet. :-)

i imagine it appearing in your blog soon, after you perfected the recipe right? :-)

Benita said...

Man, I LOVE the parma ham with rocket pizza!! Argh. I wish the HV one didn't move away. Wait, Balmoral is still considerably near my place. Hahah.

His Food Blog said...

Yah - first was coffee club in Holland Village, then now - Balmoral Plaza.

Anyway was at Spizza in Habourfront this evening and apparently Aug 18 is their last day of operations there.

Had their Isabella - Parma Ham with Rocket Salad w additional servings of Shaved Parmesan - absolutely love it!

Ean von Buttsecks said...

"La Procetta" on Lygon Street, Carlton Suburb? I live 10 minutes away by foot from the restaurant!

Unknown said...

yes, the one at Carlton ;-)

oh, do you visit La Porcetta often? hehe..

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