Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dinner @ Aunt's Kitchen

Aunt's Kitchen is really our Aunt's Kitchen. Hmm it's a nice name ya?

This was dinner a few days ago at Uncle and Aunt's house. Aunt and her sis was in the kitchen busy preparing the following food for us. There's more, but my photos did not turn out well.

The mussels that is delicious. Doesn't look spicy?

Don't be deceived, it is! We could hear them choking in the kitchen when the sambal paste was cooking. The rest of us were enjoying the aroma. ;-)

Aunt said there's some new sausages being sold, so trying it out. Not too bad. Forgot to ask where it's from.

Won't be sotong eating sotong one lah.
Eat on....

This simple looking thing is everyone's favourite! 3 layer meat stir fried with black sauce.
You can go on and on and on... popping them into your mouth with your chopsticks :-)

We also had chicken and salmon head soup with mushrooms.
Home cook food always taste so much better ya?

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Anonymous said...

u r one lucky chap! if u master some dishes, perhaps there wd be a KM KITCHEN huh? with a juice counter, no less :-)


Unknown said...

Haha.. KM Kitchen? Nah... Cooking's hard work! :-p

Anonymous said...

i suppose after slaving in the kitchen, it makes loading up the calories less sinful at the dinning table... ha ha

hv a gr8 weekend


tigerfish said...

Those sausages look like breakfast sausage links...typically seen in American breakfast.

PinkHippo said...

I love the last dish ... looks really very good! :)

Unknown said...

you have a great weekend too!

ya, and we had it for dinner. hehe..

yes, sis always ask aunt to cook it. very simple, but we like it. grew up eating it thats why :-)

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