Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Benkei Japanese / Korean Cuisine @ NUS Science Canteen

Today, I met an insurance agent or rather they are now called Financial Consultants friend and also a former uni housemate, Kevin, for lunch.

When he arrived at my office, I was famished, so we went to the NUS Science Canteen for a quick bite. We went to the Japanese Stall to try out the sets.

Kev had the Salmon Set ($4.20). He said it's not bad. Doesn't really have the 'fishy' smell that cooked salmon has.

I had the Saba Teriyaki ($4). I have been wanting to try this since another colleague had it and said it is not bad. I like fish, so I like it. :-)

Both were sets meals, so they came with rice and a soup.
The soup, you know why the photo is not posted up here. LOL. Everything else is good.

After lunch, we discussed how I should be more adequately protected. ;-)
You should too you know....

Benkei Japanese / Korean Cuisine,
NUS Science Canteen

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dilutedmagnetics said...

The food here certainly looks tastier when you eat at the canteen. I usually tarpau food from them to eat at home, so everything becomes a soggy mess by the time we eat. LOL!

Unknown said...

ya, you need to eat it when 'lunch is served', tapow back, everything turns soft, mushy, etc....

i think especially so for the fish.

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