Friday, July 04, 2008

Singapore Food Festival Official Launch @ Lao Pa Sat

Was at the Official Launch of the Singapore Food Festival earlier this evening. Met up with Nic of KHKL and AromaCookery today.

For the journalistic post, read AromaCookery's (she has done a good job), read tomorrow's newspaper or watch the news. :-)

There was an official launch by Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Mr Lee Yi Shyan. He cooked a plate of char kuey teow. Then there was performances etc...

Today, I am eating. Posting up the photos of the real food that I get to eat. We had a stored value card that was loaded with some money to let the guest buy food. It seems that the best Char Kway Teow is from this stall in Lao Pa Sat. The queue was long, and I mean really long. It's Stall 77 if you are looking for it.

The wait was worth it. It was delicious. (yes, it's oily, that's why it is delicious!)

The 'black' version of the Chai Tow Kway (Carrot Cake) is also quite decent. I ate quite a lot of it.

I wonder from which stall Nic bought this from. The rojak was quite good too.

This is from the food sample platter that was served to us.
(wonder when it was prepared, it was a bit too cold to eat)

Wishing all of you a great weekend.

Pop by Lao Pa Sat if you all have the time. It has been newly refurbished. The old 'Mcdonald's style' tables are gone. It has been replaced with modern 'olden style' tables and stools.

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Anonymous said...

OUT: McDonald's.

IN: McOldies?


Unknown said...

that's a very good observation. they should hire you as their consultants. LOL

Camemberu said...

They renovated Lao Pa Sat AGAIN?!?!? That place is dead la. Night time very few peepur go one, only lunchtime work crowd in need of nearby budget lunch.

Still the food looks good. I've never seent the CKT stall. Wonder if it's new.

Anonymous said...

The best Char Koay Teow is in..................................................Penang!

Nothing else comes close. Except if the cook is from Penang :P

In fact, the hawker food in Singapore is only, except for the fish head noodles in that condense milk soup. Mee pok is okay-lah.

You have to go north to feast on good food!

Unknown said...

yes, this time is better. bye bye to Mcdonald's seats. Even Mcdonalds have gotten rid of those seats in newer branches.

think it's the stall with perpetually long queue. But queue clears kinda fast.

yes. but the north's too far.... I think I like the one in Ayer Hitam market. Is that the best?

tigerfish said...

All my favs in one post! So :(

Anonymous said...

Yup, the CKT was the best dish of the lot that we ate. Pity it was so noisy that day! Must have a proper outing another day where we don't have to shout to hear one another!

HairyBerry said...

i got the rojak from stall no. 34 (sister rojak) ;)

Unknown said...

come back call me lah. i get a few food bloggers, we go out and eat eat eat. hehe..

ya, our eardrum's nearly busted that day! nice meeting up with you again ;-)

ah.. now we know. you disappeared for a long time when you ordered it. must be a long long queue.

Sister Rojak in Lao Pa Sat, and Brothers Rojak in Clementi. Wonder if they are a big family? haha...

Anonymous said...

My old office was directly opposite lau pa sat.. many moons ago.. yet ..i didn't take the opportunity to savour all the wonderful food. Now i so regret ahhhh.. :(
If i could turn the clock back.. i wouldn't care about it being unhealthy food..!!

Unknown said...


No need to regret. Come back and eat lor.

You can play catch up. LOL

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