Friday, July 18, 2008

Megabites Cafe @ NUS Science Canteen

On Thursday, colleagues and I had lunch at Megabites Cafe at the Science Canteen in NUS. It has been quite sometime since we came here for lunch.

We saw that there was some promotion and this is what we ordered. A few colleagues and I had the Fish & Chips. $3.50 We had to wait and it was worth it as we got freshly fried fish. :-)

It comes with soup too btw.

Ms Preggy had something else. There's a promotion for the western sets where you get a scoop of ice cream for only 50 cents.

This is her lunch.

And her ice cream. Hmmm looks good too right?

Have a great weekend to all!

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Rachel said...

wah hokkaido ice cream for only 50 cents ... thats a really good deal!
I have torouble identifying your colleagues lunch ... is it fish or chicken? Also the sauce looks a little weird.

Unknown said...

me too, that's why i did not identify it at all. I am not sure. LOL

gotta ask her next week ;-)

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