Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Stamford @ Kent Ridge Guild House

Earlier this week, I attended a course called "Achieving A Leading Image" that's organized by the training department of where I work. It was conducted by Miss Singapore-Universe in 1987, Ms Marion Nicole Teo. I did not know who the trainer is until the class members started asking her about the experience of being Miss Singapore-Universe. ;-)

Since this is a food blog, I shall not bored you about the need of guys needing to moisturize, etc. But there's a lunch segment where we are taught the proper way of eating a western meal. It was fun.

This was the menu. We went to the Kent Ridge Guild House of the National University of Singapore Society to have lunch. (well, because it is nearby ;-) )

We were role playing. Half of the group was the guest of a formal business lunch. The other half will play host. Oh, the rules and protocols, it's so funny at times.

This warm foccacia roll is yummy. If you have already knew it, the butter knife is only for spreading butter, not to cut the roll. It's a pinch, butter, eat... pinch, butter, eat. [Yes, pinch, must be civilised a bit. LOL]

Always paced your eating to your guests. If they eat slowly, eat slowly too. Never finish the meal faster than them.

Then comes the soup. Drink quietly, hold the spoon correctly, scoop the soup the correct direction, (away from you) and into the tip of your lips.

The soup's so so lah... Oh yes, always ask your guest if they want salt and pepper before taking it for yourself.

The mains was salmon steak. It was quite delicious. Yes, we always like our salmon as sashimi, but they managed to cook it that it did not smell so 'fishy'.

We were reminded, that uses of fork and knife. Did you know that your fork has directions that it can face? If you need the spokes of your fork facing up when you are using your left hand, put down your knife that you are holding with your right hand and switch the fork over. (hope you get what I mean)

It was a tedious lunch. But it was also a nice time getting to know colleagues from other departments that we have never ever met!

Oh yes, the potatoes taste good.

Yes, budget constraints, so our company's budget for the training was only to have a 3 course meal. So, the last course was the dessert.

By now, we have finished using the different utensils that is on the left and right of us. Think you guys should know the uses of the different kinds of forks and knives and spoons.

Dessert is the part where it's free from any rules. Just eat!
The chocolate truffle cake was delicious! Ooo.. I can have more of that anytime. But not everyone on the table likes chocolate though.

That was a serious lunch that was so entertaining and fun for us.
After lunch it was the colour coordination time. Getting to know if you are a cool or warm person and what colours you are to wear.

We did not eat at the main restaurant. I think the food's from The Stamford.
We ate in a private room, so that we would not disturb other guest at the restaurant.
It also allow Marion to talk and show us all the way with a formal lunch set up and walking in, where to seat your guests, etc.. all the protocols.

The Stamford
Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

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Anonymous said...

"Dessert is the part where it's free from any rules. Just eat!"

That's why it's my FAVOURITE part! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun course. Must sign up for it too. :)

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

Omgz! I want to eat the chocolate dessert! Looks so yummy~!

KopiKosongGirl said...

I want the dessert more than anything else! And better stll, dont need to think about the rules. Hahahaha

red fir said...

haha did the trainer tell you photography is not part of a formal biz lunch? lol. :p

Unknown said...

kenny, momo, jerome,
yes, dessert's good.

ya, sign up for the course. do it quick. only once a year it seems.

i actually asked. she said it's ok, if you ask the permission of the people eating with you, even in a formal biz lunch. also, i was in the group that's pretending to be the guest. LOL..

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