Monday, July 07, 2008

Sun Asian Bistro @ NUS Staff Club

Last week, colleagues and I decided that let's pay Sun Asian bistro a visit. The last time we were there, it was still in 'test' mode. We wonder how it is now...

So what did we have? We shared 2 starters. This time we had the Smoked Duck Breast Salad. We also had the sausages.

Two colleagues had the pasta.

Another had the Beef Hor Fun. Looks nice eh...

This is the Fish and Chips that Ms Preggy had.

I had the Seoul Bulgogi Miso Rice. Quite good.

Another two colleagues had the Matahari Istimewa. Looks small? No, it's not. It's very filling according to the two of them.

This place is getting popular. We realise that many people are coming here for lunch.

Sun Asian Bistro
National University of Singapore Staff Club
30 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119075

Tel: 6776 6315
Catering: 6776 6392
Fax: 6776 6805

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Anonymous said...

I never knew NUS had such a nice restaurant! I sure am going to check it out one day! :D Nice pictures of the food.. they are making me hungry! Lol!


Anonymous said...

Nice, I might go there next time. After all I am now "working" in NUS :)

Anonymous said...


tigerfish said...

Only NUS staff can go?

Anonymous said...

can i hear more places dat sells nice bak kut teh? just the address will do?

anyway great job on the photos! :D

i really hope to see this blog continue to show more nice food!

dilutedmagnetics said...

Hee hee... I ate here last week too. I personally thought they were good, but not my fellow diner. I will try to eat there again secretly and alone - because everyone tells me that they are lousy.

KopiKosongGirl said...

I would like to try the beef hor fun :)

Camemberu said...

Wow looks great! Only available to NUS staff or is it also open to public? :P

I think I must do an NUS tour someday!

Unknown said...

BKT ah, Hong Lim Food Centre has nice ones. There are many places too.

lunch is served,
must eat secretly? haha.. we find it ok lor. the previous restaurants that operated there was horrendous lor. or like u said in your blog, cursed. LOL..

one day you pop by lah..

yes, it's open to the public. many places like Keppel Club, Spore Poly Staff Club, their restaurants are all open to public :-)

Unknown said...

They only recently opened :-) Can try try lah. There is also another nice place at the Cultural Centre that is not bad.

Show your staff card! get a discount i think.

yes, yummm...

no, it's open to the public.

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