Thursday, July 03, 2008

City Gas Singapore Chef Awards 2008 Competition Finalists (Part II)

More of the yummy photos. Which one will win the competition?
I kinda like the 2nd dish on today's post. Since we don't get to taste it, we have to imagine it.

So I imagined the pork ribs, braised under slow charcoal fire, with the fragrance of herby bak kut teh, it would have been fabulous. Then I thought of the yam cakes that mum makes. She puts in it, her children's favourite ingredients. Mushroom, 'hae bee' (dried shrimps), 3 layer marbled pork, with the aroma of 5 spice powder. Half of the above inside the yam cake, the other half as fragrant toppings. Haha. I was thinking of mummy's food instead.

Back to the photos. You all can also imagine like me. It reminds me of the Korean Show 'Da Chang Jin', where the character in the show can imagine and mix flavours in her head.


If you are a budding cook, hope the above gives you inspiration to cook!

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Anonymous said...

I love that title: A Shimmering Crab's Tale. Like something out of Finding Nemo, no? ;)

Anonymous said...

Evil!!!!! Roar!!!!
Ur pictures made me damn hungry la!
How I wish I can be like u..
Can attend such function..

HairyBerry said...

wow! you posted everything. EVERYTHING! haha! respect la wei...

tigerfish said...

I need to eat! Cannot imagine lah!

Unknown said...

Maybe? hehe...

no need envy lah :-)

since it's taken, dun waste the effort lah. post lor..

i think we can expect to see the recipes replicated in your kitchen with the recipes and photos on your blog soon right?

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