Friday, July 11, 2008

Friends @ Jelita

On Wednesday, our Care Group have our outing day (during the night haha...). We have an outing day after a few weeks of lessons. Our CG leader said let's try Friends, so he picked us up from our work place and drove us there.

We only had 4 tonight. 2 other members are in Japan honey-mooning.
3 of us arrived first. We placed our orders and out came the bread.

Sis smiled and said, pinch, butter, eat, pinch, butter, eat. We saw someone who was trying very hard to saw the bread with his knife 2 tables away. :-O

AQ ordered a Caesar Salad for starter.

Sis and I took the 1-1 set meal deals. It looks liked a very good deal. :-)
So, sis had the "Yarra Valley tomato bisque" I tried a bit of hers, quite tasty.

I had the "Tasmanian apple wood smoked salmon." Salmon was nice with the leaves :-)


For our mains, AQ had fish. I can't remember what it is called, but the receipt says Coral Trout. :-)

Sis has this thing about clear food nowdays. She had the "Queensland braised Halibut".
(with spring vegetables and young peas, white wine broth and smoked bacon)

Me? I had the "Pan-Seared “Sakura” chicken breast stuffed with macadamia"
(with seasonal vegetables & ginger orange sauce). Nice and I like the veg.

While we were half way through our mains, YL arrived. He said he had dinner because his mum cooked and he has to eat. LOL

So he joined us for dessert. We all shared the following:

Fuji Apple & Rhubarb Crumble served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Bitter chocolate mousse with raspberry compote.
Chocolate's bitter as in the name. I like bitter chocolate!

Pavlova with passion fruit and fresh berries.
(Nice, but only if you are a super sweet tooth person.)

It was an enjoyable evening with our CG mates. Usually, we will be quickly having dinner so that we can start our CG on time and also end on time.

Friends @ Jelita (Above Jelita Cold Storage)
293 Holland Road,
Singapore 278628

Tel: +65 6463 1011

You can visit their website too, the menu's there.

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PinkHippo said...

I dont usually like "Ang Mo" food, but I was attracted to the fish ... "Coral Trout". Seems to be tasty. :)

dilutedmagnetics said...

OMG! I must go there and eat the pavlova! It's my favourite dessert and it's quite hard to find in Singapore.

Unknown said...

u can try, i did not pinch our friend's food to try it out. hehe..

lunch is served!,
you must be such a sweet tooth person. we know its meant to be sweet, i could not finish it. too much sugar for someone who always order drinks with 'less sugar'. hehe..

southernoise said...

keropok, I was there last month with the better half. Had the trout(clear and very fresh) and she had the salmon, dessert was pavlova something else.

lovely place and 1-1 promotion is good value!

Unknown said...

ya, the one for one is really a good value. with so many cards to use too. Amex, Citi and Bank of China. (that's what I spotted lah..)

Muffy said...

i went there nice and didn't like it one bit.

Unknown said...

What did you order? Maybe it's the chef's bad hair day? Hmmm LOL

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