Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lunch @ NUS Engineering Canteen

Oh.. we realise that food prices have gone up in all the canteens in NUS! Prices have gone up between 20-50 cents depending on the food and stalls.

But I guess it's still one of the affordable places to eat for people working in NUS/NUH/Science Parks I & II.

Haha.. I went to the Indian Stall again today, in fact 2 other colleagues did too. This is my lunch for $2. I was full, but colleagues still felt like eating. LOL.

So we went to have our regular calcium break behind the canteen. Oh no! The sundae machine's not working today. Then when our colleague asked for Lemon Lime, it's out of stock too! Aiyo, what happened?

So we ended up having fries and orange juice / coke instead.
A colleague who pumped the tomato sauce and we all thought it looked like a lump of xxxx. LOL

Yes, lunch time is also creativity juice time for my colleagues.

Two larges fries all poured into the serving tray. It seems that is the way we eat it. Do you all do the same? ;-)

In your opinion, which fast food has the best fries? We think it's Macdonald's.

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Anonymous said...

My 1st choice is Mos Burger's thick-cut fries. Choice 2 is McD. :-)

Anonymous said...

mac has my vote for fries too.


dilutedmagnetics said...

I've always wanted to ask you this: how do you manage to find parking space at NUS? Or do you take some kind of shuttle bus to NUS? It's the semester break now, so it's not so mad in the carparks. But in Aug when school starts, I'm going to miss eating at NUS because I won't be able to find a parking space there.

Anonymous said...

I like long john silver fries.

Btw KM!!! Go try the Nonya Stall in engineering and tell me what you think, I tried it once... doubt i will be going back :p

Unknown said...

I have not eaten at Mos for the longest time! Hmmm maybe I should try their fries.

me think so too. :-)

Lunch is served!
We work in the NUS/NUH compound. :-) We used the shuttle service a lot and there's shuttle service between NUS/NUH to the Science Parks too. They are all free :-)

But at times, we take 95 or just take the cab. Usually, we take the cab 'to go', then take the bus 'to come back'.

Unknown said...


I saw the nonya stall yesterday, but there's no one there! It must be new huh?

Other stalls have long queue, so we thought the crowd has decided on its fate, so I did not try it. LOL..

Now that you hinted that you are not going back, shall not waste my calories on it lah. hehe...

Anonymous said...

Your colleague must have practiced alot on squeezing the ketchup!

I vote for Long John Silver's marinated fries.

HairyBerry said...

MOS's pretty solid...then again, i feel fries are like side dishes. if we pay to much attention to it, that means the main's in trouble...haha!

Mrs Sze said...

MOS Burger Fries :) Especially dipped with the chilli .....

MacDonald fries tend to get soggy after a while.

dilutedmagnetics said...

Wah! So lucky! I wish I worked in NUS too - then I can pig out on cheap and good food on campus.

tigerfish said...

$2 is considered cheap for that plate of food you have :)
Love indian food.

edMU said...

heres my own rating for all the fries i've eaten so far.. hehe

First - MOS Burger (So big lor!)
Second - Long John (Crunchy!)
Third - Carls' Junior! (little salt!)
Forth - Burger King Fries (much lesser salt than Mcd though..)
Fifth - Mcd Fries (best in curry / chilli)
Sixth - erm.. i think KFC de cheese fries not very nice leh.. no offence to those KFC fans though =/

i agree with mrs sze, ya the fries get soggy after some time, den buang liao.

by the way Yoshinoya have criss cross fries.. its worth a try though =) omg the ketchup look so cute! lol!

Anonymous said...

I have been followin ur blog for quite awhile and i finally cannot resist asking your weight....pardon me.

Unknown said...

ya, we think he has! LOL

Nic, Mrs Sze, Ayumu,
wow, thanks for the tips on fries. I never knew Mos Burger fries are so nice. Looks like I have missed out a lot!

Lunch Is Served!
You are not too far away.

Ya, prices of things are creeping up. Do you know that they are going to have Diesel Surcharge for taking taxis in Singapore now?!?!?

thanks for visiting! i have published it before. you can view it here ;-)

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