Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Singapore Food Festival 2008

Today, I went with Nic of Black Tie, White Lie to the Singapore Food Festival 2008 Press Conference. (Since when did we become the press?)

We got an invite about last week to attend the SFF press conference. We were wondering should we go? We thought, why not? So we took a day off our normal working life and experience being 'the press' for a day.

It was held at the Fort Canning Centre. We were greeted by this banner. Somehow it just makes you happy doesn't it?

Hey, this man is the poster boy of Singapore's Teh Tarik! After taking his photo, (later in the afternoon), I was flipping through the SFF Official Guide, I realize it's the same person!

The Singapore Food Festival aims to bring back nostalgia of the olden times. Look at these tin cans. If you are free this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the opening celebrations will be on at Lau Pa Sat. Boon Tat Street will even have movie screenings. Like the old old time.

The 'media' was treat to some food too. We had Satay, Chicken Rice (that's Sakura Chicken - Chicken Rice), plus other things.

Well, we did attend their press conference, so am obliged to show you, the people that make the Singapore Food Festival 2008 possible. Everyone had a teh tarik, coffee, coke and a tiger beside them. Aha, from the photo, you can see what they like!

(L-R) Hamish Brown and the official partners of Singapore Food Festival: Mr Tan Kian Chew, Group CEO, NTUC Fairprice, Mr Andrew Phua, Director, Tourism, Shopping & Dining Cluster, Singapore Tourism Board, Mr Ng Yong Hwee, President & CEO, CityGas, Mr Peter Knipp, CEO, Peter Knipp Holdings

If you would like to find out more about the Singapore Food Festival, visit their official website at: www.singaporefoodfestival.com

For food, we usually like try a bit of this and a bit of that. You would be glad to know that this year's festival will debut what is called the "Singapore Food Sampler".

There's also an Ethnic Food Tour, where you can try food in Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam.

Makan Classes. Want to know how to cook the local food that we always eat? You can join in the cooking classes conducted by renowned Singapore Chefs and some local food operators.

I am marking down 12 July and try to head down to Robertson Walk to witness the "Major League Eating" competition. It's their first debut in Singapore and they are going to make the competitors eat Satay. LOL..

Btw, if you are a tourist visiting Singapore during the Food Festival, just drop by any Singapore Visitor Centres and you get to get free redemption vouchers for the Singapore Food Sampler. (just show them your passport!)

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HairyBerry said...

woah, you are really fast, dude! i havent even sorted out my pics yet..haha!

it was fun, wasn't it?

looking forward to this friday! ;)

Anonymous said...

Major League Eating? Are you and Pakcik Nic gonna join the competition? Maybe you two would be the finalists leh... That'd be a sight fer sure... Lol.

icarehan said...

hi there, can i have any news from fish&co and nasi ayam penyet ( changi village) am i the one addicted to them??? i am johorean and its hard for me to go to singapore just for the food (i need a lot of money for them... hu hu hu .. help) if only you can take a pic of them, it relief me.. thanks!!

Unknown said...

hehe.. fast in publishing, but super slow in replying comments. LOL your post is great too!

cannot lah. i like to eat, but not to the point of a competition. i rather eat slowly and enjoy the food :-)

i will try if I visit those places you mentioned. err i don't particularly like fish&co, you smell like fish after going there. hehe...

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