Monday, July 14, 2008

Rong Liang @ Clementi West St 2

Saturdays have been so so busy the last few weeks. So many things to do, so little time. Sis was setting exam papers, I was preparing slides for next day's church service because I am scheduled to be on duty. We did not realise it was already past 7.30 pm. Momo came over earlier and was patient enough not to 'disturb' even though I think she's already hungry. haha..

Hunger gives people headache, and we had headache at around 7.30 pm. Sis said let's have a quick dinner and she wants some soup and roast meat. So Momo drove us to Clementi West St 2 for dinner.

We had two soups, one old cucumber soup and one sze chuan vegetable soup.

Then we said, a mix of roast meats for 3 persons.

We found the duck very nice tonight. At least they have not skimp on the seasoning and stuff.

Just the other day, colleagues and I went to ABC Market and the famous 'shao la' stall that's near the POSB ATM. Oh, 6 mouths the other confirmed that it did not taste good.

The famous Tiong Bahru Roasted Pig seems to have fallen out of favour too. The queue's gone and last month or so, we gave it the 3rd chance, and confirmed it has fallen out of favour. Wonder what's happening to all of them??

At least this stall's still ok. Let's hope rising cost wont ruin all the nice makan places around.

Rong Liang
725 Clementi West St 2
Singapore 120725

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Anonymous said...

i think theres one at clementi food centre, seen their flyers b4 but havent tasted it.

are u abandoning clementi for toh yi soon? my fren's family also thot of doing that since amenities there are convenient and there wd b a mrt station..


Anonymous said...

Some nights, there's nothing better than a bowl of wholesome soup. When I want comfort food, I mean. Even the luscious meats become an afterthought to the slow sipping of hot soup. Yummy...

And you know what, some of my friends who visit S'pore may lament the lack of good food. Reading your blog made me realize they just don't know where to look. You should write a foodguide to the Lion City, bro. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow..!! the 3 types of meat looks awesome..!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada

Your mix meat photo is so well taken that I'm so hungry now :)

"Since we had 8 of us, we had other stuff too, CKT (again!), Chai Tow Kueh, Rojak, etc... I will post those photos tomorrow."

I only saw the rojak, I didn't see any CKT, Chai Tow Kueh, etc. Did I miss something or there is nothing to post?


Unknown said...

hmmm how do you know? hehe..

just say, i got friends and colleagues who knows where to eat, i just follow them. :-) KL's got lots of food too. in fact, there might be more!

C Rex,
Ya it was nice. We tapow a duck drumstick for bro home, but he said there are nicer ones. LOL.

Maybe food should not be tapow-ed.

anon from Canada,
the food pix turned out blur, and decided not to post it. it was too dark. sorry.

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