Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Desserting @ Ajisen, IMM

Oh, the temporary insanity we had about snacking after lunch did not stop with what you saw yesterday. The menu tempted us with the following:

Macha Sundae $4. With corn flakes below too.

The Zenzai (Red Bean Dessert). $6.20
Ice cream, dango and red bean paste.

Oh, this pickle goes with the above. Savoury & the sweet stuff above. Quite good!

The Macha Sundae Anmitsu $6.80
Red bean paste + little cubes of jelly + a cup of black honey to go with it.

The was eaten on Sunday, and on the next day, I hopefully have burnt off the calories in the Body Combat class. Any one here also attends Body Combat classes? As I am typing this, I am still have aches all over from Monday's class.

Sigh, want to eat, so have to exercise. Is it a waste of time and energy? LOL...

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 1
Singapore 609601

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Anonymous said...

Me! Me! I also attend BodyCombat! And the solution may be to pig out after BodyCombat and not before as we burn more in the hour right after an intense workout.

It's certainly my excuse to pig out, hahaha.

dilutedmagnetics said...


Anonymous said...

.... even tho i dont hv a sweet tooth......this juz looks really YUMS!!!!

at least u burn the calories, which i cant say for the rest of us :-(


tigerfish said...

New desserts! Yum!

Par said...

Mmmm... I want to dig in with my spoon :P

Vinstones said...

Must try this dessert in Singapore,

(was attracted by the pictures here)

Verdict :
Best : Red Tea Jelly
Unique : Strawberry Ice Kachang
Exotic : Chendol (Oh my, it was made of coconut milk! but mmm... delicious)

It does taste as good as it looks.

Unknown said...

do you get muscle ache for the next few days after bodycombat? i do! sigh.. but it's fun isn't it?

LIS, yes, you are calling me? LOL

sw, typing on the PC also burns calories, just a bit less. hehe..

yes, yumz!

ms.___ 2 be,
join me virtually! desserts makes everyone happy!

ok, will go there one day!

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