Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ajisen @ IMM

This was dinner last Saturday with sis and momo. Sis needed to get some stuff from IMM. I also had to return library books at the nearby Jurong East library.

After settling all the errands, sis and momo decided that we shall have Ajisen. We noticed that the menu has finally changed. Prices are also different now.

At least there's something new to try and no more almost disintegrated menus.

We all had the Ajisen Sets, ie you order a main, a side dish and a drink. It's $14.90 each set for these that we ordered. These are the side dishes we had. Chicken wings. I always get this, it taste yummy somehow.

The white fish fingers. This was recommended by the person taking our orders. She said most people order it.

The meat skewers. This reminded us of the Australian 'pasar malam' food in Darwin! LOL... The ones in Darwin seem to taste better. ;-P

For the mains, this is the Kumamoto Ramen. Momo had this.

The Kotsu Ramen that sis had.

I had something totally new on the menu. The Spicy Octopus Dry Ramen.
Look at all the octopus suckers. It's a nice change to the usual soupy stuff I have in Ajisen.

For the soup dishes, sis and momo both noted that they are light handed on salt now. Why, oh why? The reason that we chose Ajisen was because we wanted some saltier food. LOL...

(But no one beats the saltiness at Santouka. Suddenly have craving for Santouka now. :-p)

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 21
Singapore 609601
Tel: 6564 5610

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HairyBerry said...

the Spicy Octopus Dry Ramen looks like a bowl of typical chinese dry noodle, eh? can we call this fusion? hehe...

Unknown said...

Anything is possible nowadays!

Kenny Mah said...

Spicy Octopus? For some reason I read it, albeit at a glance and too quickly, as Spicy Octopussy... and went, "Damn right!" LOL

backStreetGluttons said...

which is a bit strange , the chicken wings look like drumsticks while the fish fingers like wings

...but must be doubly great with the contra visual impact..

as we say in Malaysia , diversity is strength ( taste , coz black is hot )

southernoise said...

what a coincidence! we just had Ajisen at CCK Lot 1 and we had the same opinion of the soup too. Lacks taste and could be a tad saltier. I actually ask for salt but they happily ignored me. :(

verdict is, we won't be popping by Ajisen every now and then like last time.

His Food Blog said...

Ajisen just doesn't work for me - their noodles are akin to eating rubber bands - they are bastardised ramen if you ask me.

I just think your photos flattered them - nice pix!

Unknown said...

what were you thinking? LOL

Aiyo, what's happening to your eyes?

It seems you always go to places with Ramen eh? Has salt gone up in price? Me wonders....

Some of the Ajisen stuff still works for me when I am hungry and lazy to go around searching for food. hehe.. Or is my tastebuds going down the drain? :-(

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