Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old Town Coffee @ Chun Tin Court

Was back again at Old Town Coffee a few days ago. This time to have lunch instead of just having drinks. Nearby food centres are just too warm and humid for these few week's weather. Seeking refuge at air conditioned places.

We had the Nasi Rendang Chicken. It was served in brown paper on a basket. How interesting. It's those 'tapow' (takeaway) brown paper. The portion's quite big. You will get very full.

This one comes with a drumstick.
I think the price is around $8 or thereabouts.

This is the curry mee. (or rather Curry Kuey Teow, since we asked for Kuey Teow:-) )
Looks overly generous with oil ya. $5.90

A hot lemon tea. It will dissolve some oil from the above dishes. :-p

It was such a hot day, we had I think 5 orders of the "Xi Mut" milk tea. I think I am getting to like this tea more each time I drink it. :-p $2.30

OldTown White Coffee
Chun Tin Court
9 Yuk Tong Avenue
Singapore 596314
Tel: 64674404

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southernoise said...

we passed by this place last week. May pop by soon. :)

Unknown said...

See if you like it. Cousin said sometimes if taste better, sometimes not as good. depends on the cook i think...

dilutedmagnetics said...

I walked past the restaurant after seeing a doctor at the nearby silver cross clinic. It was packed at lunch time :)

tigerfish said...

No coffee but tea?
Have not tried those dishes yet...only tried the Ice Fire Polo Bun and Toast..and KOPI...of course :P

Kenny Mah said...

In the papers yest: 94th Old Town outlet opens in M'sia.

In the papers today: 95th Old Town outlet opens in M'sia.

At this rate, there'd be more than 100 outlets before the year ends... Wah, that good meh their kopi? :P

Benita said...

Roy says it's horrible there. What's your verdict?

Anonymous said...

I would rather recommend you to try Papa Rich or even Kluang Station....
Old Town coffee and food cannot be compared to these two kopithiams.

Not sure if they have any outlet in Singapore... but they are very famous in Klang Valley. You should try when you are in KL.

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