Monday, September 01, 2008

Old Town Coffee @ Chun Tin Court

Old Town Coffee. We popped by after lunch on Sunday. This seems to be a new branch. The 'one' that people talks about in Singapore is at Big Splash. It's certainly no splash here, in a cosy and quiet neighbourhood.

After having lunch, cousin still wanted to have her favourite eggs. On the menu, it says Omega Soft Boiled Eggs. They must be using the Omega enriched eggs then.

One of the two cups of the famous Ipoh White Coffee.

Cousin and I had the iced 'Xi Mut' Milk Tea.
(huh? what's xi mut is panty hose in Cantonese, otherwise known as Xi Wa in Mandarin. LOL)

This is the hot milk tea.

The kaya butter toast. It's dark brown, not the usual white bread that's toasted.

What we saw inside was like curly fries strips of butter. :-)
They are quite good.

Nice change from the usual Ya Kun, Toast Box etc....

OldTown White Coffee
Chun Tin Court
9 Yuk Tong Avenue
Singapore 596314
Tel: 64674404

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Kenny Mah said...

Old Town is everywhere these days eh? Do you know they even spawned a rip-off called Old Taste? LOL

tigerfish said...

So, is the Tea filtered through a panty hose? :p

dilutedmagnetics said...

Gee... I must visit this place. I thought Fei Siong was located here? Have they moved?

Unknown said...

Yes, Old Town is everywhere!
Everything has copycats nowadays eh?

Hmm. I did not want to know! LOL...

Fei Siong is nearby, at the other side of the carpark. Might go back there to try the food, instead of just drinks after food. :-)

dilutedmagnetics said...

Oh, Fei Siong's zhi char food is very food. But I haven't eaten there for awhile...

Unknown said...

Me tooo! Long long time...

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