Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sushi Tei @ VivoCity

Our "gorilla" friend and another friend wanted to ask us out for dinner. It was some emails that was 'ding-dong-ing' around and somehow we ended up wanting to go to Sushi Tei again because we can still get the 20% because two of us had the Sushi Tei card and it was our birthday month. (times are not so good, so 20% savings is good!)

Momo also had the same vouchers I used the other time. So, we had the Sashimi Salad for free again.

This time we had the sushi tei dressing.

The egg and unagi.
(we have some how come to a conclusion that for this, only the Holland V branch can make it well, the one here, and Raffles City can't seem to get it as nice. Anyone out there agrees?)

We had the hot pot again. This time we tried the "Soya Milk" broth. See it's so white ;-)
How does it taste? Quite good, but you can't really taste the soya milk after a while. It's the seafood version we ordered. Filled with delicious seafood as you can see.

Buta Kimchi. Momo wanted to try this, after she saw what I ate the other time.
I think Kimchi taste good on anything. I think I am on a 'kimchi phase'. LOL

We also had the big prawn sushi. It's the caterpillar sushi.

Quite nicely done as you can see.

For those who needs carbo, just order some to satisfy youself.
Salmon Rice.

And also Prawn Tempura Rice.

Sushi Tei Vivocity
1 Harbour Front Walk
#02-152/153 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6376 9591, Fax: +65 6376 9592
Opening Hours : 11.30am to 10.00pm daily (last order 9.30pm)

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