Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Garo Japanese Restaurant @ Chun Tin Road

This was Sunday's lunch (before we went to Old Town). Aunt and Sis says this place is not bad, moreover we were hungry and hot and wanted a place with air conditioning, so we came in here.

We were seated in a long table, so I only took some photos, the ones at the other end is too far from my reach. I am only showing what I ate and what sis ate.

I had the Saba Shio & Katsu Furai Set Meal. $15.

Yup, I was in the mood for Saba again. I think a few more times and I will stop eating Saba for a few months. LOL

I think it was quite a filling set with the Saba plus a big piece of fried meat. Yum.

Sis had the Hiyashi Chuka Ramen. $12.
I like her ramen but she did not enjoy hers. She ate my food instead, while I ate hers.
There was something inside that made it a little bitter.

The set lunches are quite reasonably priced. It's also big in portion. Eg. Katsu/Oyako Don & Unagi that bro had was $16. Katsu/Oyako Don & Sashimi that bro's gf had was $16.

Quick service place and service is not too shabby too. I was quite full for a long time with its generous portions.

New Garo Japanese Restaurant
6 Chun Tin Road,
Singapore 599593
Tel: 6467 8905

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Kenny Mah said...

That's the weirdest thing, when I was younger I always had this impression of Japanese food as too small-portioned and unable to satisfy. These days I eat so much that the waitress has to tell me sometimes not to over-order! :p

Here's to generous portions! :D

dilutedmagnetics said...

H loves eating lunch here with his colleagues. But I haven't eaten there before. I spy that Ng Kim Lee next door has started selling their mooncakes. I might drop by tonight to get some :)

Unknown said...


Too generous portions leads to big bellies! LOL..

Your eyes are sharp ah! Can picture the mooncakes though only the little part of the sign board is shown!

Julius said...


i just went there today.. the portions are great.. the sushi especially the california and softshell crab one is a must try :D

Unknown said...

My colleague says he love this place. He was just talking to me about it. LOL...

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