Friday, September 12, 2008

"Long Queue" Fish Soup, Pig's Organ Soup @ Alexandra Village

Today's lunch is at a stall that has 'no name'. So let me call it "Long Queue" till someone lets me know the name of this stall.

The stall has a perpetual long queue. It's at Block 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, the same coffee shop that Keng Eng Kee, the famous Zhi Char stall is.

You should be able to recognise it by this green signboard that tells you what they sell. (or just look for a snaking long queue.)

Most people come here to try the Pig's Organ Soup or the Fish Soup.
We ordered both of it, because we wanted to know why??

This is the Pig's Organ Soup. Quite ordinary looking, but everyone bowl is cooked individually. The boss does not have multiple stoves, just one, with a ferocious orange flame that covers the whole tiny pot!

This is another colleague's bowl and the ingredients dug out so that you can see what's inside. :-)

3 other persons had the Fish Soup. This is mine. Lots of veg inside (the white cabbage), plus 2 fishballs and quite a bit of fish slices.

The taste? Those who tasted the Pig's Organ says it is ok, with one colleague saying maybe they are a bit heavy handed on the salt. But both finished every single drop of soup! LOL

For the fish soup, it was tasty, the fish does not taste fishy. The soup's white and murky, I wonder how long they boil it for. Hmm...

You can either have it with a bowl of white rice.

Or yam rice. I suggest you give a pass to the yam rice. I had it and it's just a few tiny pieces of yam and some 'darkened' rice.

Anyway, try for yourself and see if it fits your liking. Food's always subjective.
All of us paid $3.30 each for Fish Soup or Pig's Organ Soup we ordered with the rice.

Long Queue - Green Signboard Stall
124 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Alexandra Village
Singapore 150124

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Kenny Mah said...

Awww... that doesn't look like proper yam rice at all! Just a lot of soy sauce... :(

Unknown said...

Next time, BYO yam rice eh? hehe...

Camemberu said...

Hey this stall is supposedly quite famous one! Is that pig skin I spy in the pig organ soup? Mmmmh!

Yeah, the yam rice needs more cubes of crispy fried yam and pork laaard!

Unknown said...

This stall has no name right? and yet so famous!

I wonder which part of the pig you don't eat. hehe...

Ingenue said...

hi there i stumbled upon ur post. I work ard AV and frequent this stall alot. I have to say the soup is really good! And I am serious.

ChewyJas said...

we called it the long queue fish soup too ! really nice . . every week mus have it at least once

Anonymous said...

They are also famous for their very shiok chilli, perfect for CNY steamboat! But auntie very fierce during lunch hour.. abit scary

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