Monday, September 22, 2008

Woolee Korean Cuisine @ Wisma Atria

Where can hungry people find food at Orchard Road at around 10 pm. Not many places it seems. (or I am yet to find out)

We kinda end up at the Korean food stall that has its own tables reserved at the Food Republic Food Court. Met the most pushy order taker, who wants you to order so much things. Hmm..

The usual kimchi, and some miniscure amount of fried anchovies. It comes with the seaweed soup as well.

Anyway, what we ate. A plate of Kimchi Fried Rice. Yes, the pushy lady somehow 'pushed' you to add meat into it. We were asked do you want chicken or beef? Sounds like it's included right?

But... No... after you finished your order, she informs you, that would be extra $2 for the meat. $6.50 + $2.00

We also ordered the Jajang Noodle. $8.
I have been ordering Jajang noodles at almost every Korean places haha... No comments on this one.

At least there's something that tasted ok. Toufu Kimchi $13.50
We enjoyed the pork slices and kimchi more. It's sure is spicy.

Woolee Korean Cuisine
Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877

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JENCOOKS said...

I love kimchi fried rice; leave out the meat.

Chubbypanda said...

I love Korean Jajang noodles. They're so different from the way we make them in Taiwan.

dilutedmagnetics said...

You got me at the kimchee!

Dora said...

The fried rice looks yummy!

Unknown said...

One of my many favorite dishes. Checkout the store in LapaSat.

Nice pics there...really make me go grab a Korean dish now.


graciex said...

I went there once, had the seafood noodles or something. Picture shows clams but doesnt come with it. When asked, "long ago dont put clams already" tmd, like I'm supposed to know.

Unknown said...

you think it taste better without the meat?

how is it like in taiwan? they don't seem to look like the ones I see on Korean dramas haha...

Kimchee fan too eh?

OK and so so only for this one... :-p

Might try the one at Laupasat. They have jajiang mian?

ya ya! many places do that. the other day, we told the person at one shop, the photos don't look the same! he went to check! haha...

Anonymous said...

This place's waiting staff sucks! Terrible attitude like customers owe them a living.
Charged for wet tissue even when we didnt use and offered to return - their excuse was it is standard. How can we be charged for something that we didn't ask for nor use?

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