Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 Cakes for 3 Darlings @ Awfully Chocolate

Earlier tonight, we celebrated 3 friend's birthday. The we is 31 of us. Thanks to the organizers who went through the trouble so the rest of us could have 3 wonderful cakes. (oh, do I sound that we are more interested in eating the cake than celebrating birthdays? haha)

The first cake belongs to Serene.

Second cake is for Fong Shai.

Third cake for Gwen.

These are really lovely cakes from Awfully Chocolates. 3 different cakes with 3 different flavours. How do you know what they are?

Just look at the sides. RC stands for Chocolate Rum & Cherry Cake.

B stands for Banana. (Chocolate Banana Cake)

Since the photo has been taken, don't waste it. Here's how it looks inside.
The Chocolate Rum & Cherry Cake. I like this the most.

For the purist, the good old Chocolate Cake.

Those who likes bananas, they will 'go bananas' (pun totally intended haha) over the Chocolate Banana Cake

Wishing all of them a very Blessed Birthday.
May the good Lord continue to bless them most bountifully.

Awfully Chocolate.
Visit them at www.awfullychocolate.com for addresses.

They are at Katong Mall, Cluny Court, Republic Plaza, Sembawang Hills Estate, Brighton Crescent and VivoCity. Previous post had fewer outlets. They have expanded!

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Unknown said...

the exterior of the cake all look the same man. i didn't have their cakes before so i didn't know. haha



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Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The cakes look amazingly delicious. I guess you can't judge a book by its cover. :-P Happy Birthday to the 3!

Unknown said...

brad, lyrical lemongrass,

their cakes are not bad. many has write good reviews about it.

i like the rum ones.. so did many last night :-)

LL, tak boleh compare to fatboybakes lah.. I think it's a different class! :-)

Camemberu said...

I also like the rum and cherry one!

dilutedmagnetics said...

Wah... 3 cakes for 30 over people where got enough to eat, especially when the cakes are so delicious. LOL!

JENCOOKS said...

The rum and cherry cake is sinfully awfully good and yummy..need a taste now. Lucky birthday friends celebrating together and each getting a cake.
How did u finish them?

Anonymous said...

I tried the normal chocolate cake a few weeks back and it was disappointing. Maybe there was just too much hype and I expected more.

shobs said...

i loved the good old choc cake - OMG! i've not yet tried the others. i also love their ice cream -nice dark choc and not too sweet.

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