Monday, September 08, 2008

Ramen Santouka @ The Central

This was Saturday's lunch with my sister and brother. We wandered around The Central wanting to try other Japanese food, but either the shop's closed for the afternoon rest or it had a long queue. (We were there past 2.30 pm)

Our legs brought us to Santouka (again). As my friend Southernoise says, it's good to calibrate our tongues sometimes by coming back here. LOL.

We all decided to have sets as we wanted to eat both ramen and rice. We were already famished by 2.30PM.

Here's sis' set. She had the Shoyu Ramen. Oh, the broth that is so yummy! The pork cheeks are inside the soup.

She had hers with the cha siu rice set.

Bro had the spicy ramen. It's something that you will start sweating after eating. So delicious and so addictive!

He had it with the salmon and roe rice set. He likes it, I pinched some and I did not like it. It had too much smell of the sea to me.

I also had the spicy ramen.
Heard that it could cure a headache! Well, it did cure the headache I had.

I had it with the green stuff. Spring onions, sprouts and bonita flakes below. I think this is quite yummy and looks rather healthy too ya?

All the sets came with the yummy soft yolk eggs. My favourite kind of eggs.

How the set looks like. We did not order the pork cheeks that they are famous for, we know it's going to be in the soup anyway. Eating a slice of two should be enough. Some say pork cheeks in the soup loses its flavour very fast, it was ok for us ;-)

We were all stuffed. It seems our ramen portion was quite a big today. No, we did not ask for the bigger portion. Also, it was not as salty compared to my previous time here. Maybe there was some adjustments done?

We had our tongues calibrated and we shall be back again or maybe visit the other Jap stalls upstairs :-)

Ramen Santouka
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
02-76 The Central
Singapore 059817

Tel: 6224 0668
Business Hours: 11.00 - 21:45 (Last order)

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HairyBerry said...

with all the good reviews coming in on santouka, i think i should give it a try again lah.

it used to be really salty. almost instant noodle-like. hehehe...

tigerfish said...

IT looks good! Maybe can try

Kenny Mah said...

Oooh, love the greeting door-cloths! Such an grand yet subdued presence... inviting one in to gastronomic joyousness inside... :)

southernoise said...

haha tongue calibration i need! just had a bowl of so-so ramen at Menichi, Jurong Point. I need to eat Santouka again...

dilutedmagnetics said...

Oh my! Look at the dried chili flakes! More spicy than wasabe?

Jun said...

ooh i love ramen!! i've been gng to ajisen in spore so many times when i was thr! glad to know thr's another place to chk out!

Unknown said...

Go try try. See you think it has changed or not? :-p

Try and then you can improvise some delicious recipe too out of it.

Next time, you cuba lah. Mee Masin, tapi sedap!

Calibrate, you need to make sure your tongue's always precise! LOL

no, not as spicy as wasabe, but good!

There are more places to check out! hehe...

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