Friday, September 05, 2008

Ricciotti Italian Deli & Pastry @ The Riverwalk

Continuation from yesterday's post, it's going to be a long post!

The 20 over of us sat in an L shape formation. We were doing the "passing around ritual", ie. we were passing desserts all around, take a bit, pass to the next person, take another bit, pass to the next person, if you really like that particular one, take a few more bits. (so much fun! but for some people, so gross!)

Some might say it's unfair to those sitting at opposite ends right? Anyway, the desserts were served randomly all along the L shape formation. So everyone has a change to get it. The desserts can go one one direction and then decide to go back too. "Can Gostan One". LOL..

But that will mean the poor photographer has to run everywhere and quickly snap each photo in like 5 seconds. Cafe nowadays are mostly 'dim', so pardon the not so clear photos for some.

The Profiteroles. It's chocolate all over. Cream puff covered with chocolate, in a chocolate vessel, with chocolate dusting on the plate and chocolate swirl.

This is named after the shop, Ricciotti. We can see it melting! "Luscious and creamy cheese cakes made from sweet cheese covered with saffron passito jelly. " description from their website.

I did not even got to touch this! Its pretty existence must have ended before it even reach our side of the table!

Did I try this? I think little bits of remnants when it reached my side. Think it is called Cannoli.
Tube pastry with stuffings? Looks green, must be pistachios.

This is the tiramisu, the one that many people come here to try. For lovers of mascarpone cheese, lady fingers, cocoa and coffee. Heard that it's award winning too!

This looks pretty too eh? The Panna Cotta, I remember this name because it appeared on yesterday's post. Vanilla pudding in chocolate shell with sabayon and chocolate jelly.

Oh, this is a must try. Apple struddle with ice cream!

This is called Morbida. Did it reach our side too? Looks nice though...
Their website describe it as "mouth watering chocolates mousse on base of supple chocolate sponge".

I remember eating this. It was one that people beside me said, must try must try. It was warm chocolate cake with cold ice cream. Yumz..

This looks so pretty with the star anise on top. Called Duomo. It's mascarpone and spicy cream with olive oil sugar dough.

Ah.. Guess the flavour of this one. It's Curry Dolce. Their website describe it as "finest white chocolate mousse with ricotta cheese and chocolate olive oil sugar dough".

Ms Dividend's birthday cake.

Keropokman's birthday cake.
On the website is described it as "italian rice cream with dark chocolate mousses and edible flowers".

That's all the photos I took. But I kinda remember we had like 20 kinds on display, guess some escaped the camera, or some did not reach the other side of the table. :-)

The bill came up to $200 over, but with Amex or UOB cards, you get 15% off. When it's divided by 20 over people, it's around $10 per person. ;-)

Ricciotti Italian Deli & Pastry
20 Upper Circular Road
B1-49/50 The Riverwalk
Singapore 058416
Tel: (65) 6533 9060

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Kenny Mah said...

"Called Duomo. It's mascarpone and spicy cream with olive oil sugar dough."

That description alone is enough to rope me in. I wanna have this the next time I'm in Singapore! :D

red fir said...

Happy Bird Day too! :)

dilutedmagnetics said...

Awesome pictures!

DwD said...

yum yum yum, they all look soooo yummy!

LiquidShaDow said...

Those green bits on the canoli as you have observed are indeed pistachio.

teckiee said...

Happy Birthday!!

Ahh I think I'm like Kenny. The Duomo caught my attention and the mascarpone..just love the cheese! And your pics turned out well given the dim lighting ;p

• Eliane • said...

Bon anniversaire!
Looks like the perfect venue to celebrate the birthday of a foodie like you. Did you eat one of each? ;)

Your pictures of food are really beautiful.

Unknown said...

Wow, all the desserts look so enticing, and you all try everything! haha

Happy birthday : )


tigerfish said...

No more discount after 9pm?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Everything looks amazing! I shall try this place the next time i'm in sing. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Camemberu said...

Hey happy birthday! :) It all looks so delicious!

Unknown said...

Did olive oil sugar dough did the trick? LOL


I am sure you and your daughter can eat the whole shop up!

yeah ;-)

Thanks for the confirmation.


Merci beaucoup. No, just tasted a bit of each. :-)

Thanks Brad.

You remembered! They have, but only for takeaways now. Dine in no more discount.

Lyrical Lemongrass,
You, Kenny and Teckiee can make a trip down!


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