Monday, September 15, 2008

Curry Favor Japanese Kitchen @ Stamford House

This was last Friday's dinner that Momo and I had with 2 other friends.

No, we were not asking meeting each other because we wanted to ask favor from each other, or even get into their each other's good books, just because we ate at Curry Favor.

The place is a bit 'romantic' with dim lights, so the following photos are grainy ;-)

We all ended up eating the Curry Rice. They all came with a choice of either salad or soup.

One of our friend, "whose name has a song" ordered this. He has the Beef Fry Curry. $17.90 Does it look like the Dubai palms?

Inside one of the 'islands' of the palm.

Momo had the Stuffed Mushroom Fry Curry $18.90
Yes, it also looks like the Dubai Palms.

Careful when you bite into it, it squirts out lots of juice.

For me, I had the Rosu Katsy Curry. $13.90
No more palm shape Dubai islands though.

But it still has an arabian theme. Aladdin's lamp! The curry comes in a container that looks like Aladdin's lamp. We could choose either spicy or less spicy curry. I had the spicy version.

The other friend, 'The Gorilla', a nickname we just came up that night, had the Hire (Pork Filet) Katsu Curry. $19.90

The curry sauce also comes in an Aladdin's Lamp container. Pour your curry over the katsu.

We were told Rosu Katsu has more fats in the meat, while Hire Katsu is the leaner one.
Hmmm We think otherwise. We think Hire is tastier. haha...

Yes, we tried everyone's dish. Nice place to try your curries, a tad pricy, but the place's nice and cosy and reasonable good service.

Curry Favor
39 Stamford Road
#01-08/09 Stamford House,
Singapore 178885

Tel: 68831087
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 12pm - 10pm

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JENCOOKS said...

So who did u curry favour to buy u the nice meal...hahaha.
That was a nice dinner.

dilutedmagnetics said...

Pricey indeed. There's a place that sells really good curry katsu cheaply, but I've swore to never go there again after experiencing super lousy service a few times in a row. 10 years of relationship went down the drain just like that. Hire a few lousy staff, and your business goes out the window. Scary!

tigerfish said...

I agree. It's pricey.Their prices inflated and quality dropped. It was good when it just opened!

Unknown said...

no one. we just wanted to find a place to eat. hehe..

Realize that our loyalty to anything will just go 'poof' if we give them a few chances and they disappoint us. Food especially!

Chefs got good day and bad day also mah. Sometimes good, sometimes no good. We really don't really know.

Ming the Merciless said...

Sounds SUPER PRICEY especially compared to the $3-$4 nasi lemak and mee rebus.

Seriously, how do they justify the price difference?

Mrs Sze said...

I ate there twice before and very obviously, the portions have shrunk!!

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