Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Here are some of the commercial mooncakes we ate this season. This are the ones in our office. Looks like some vendors forgot about the festival? LOL...

This one from Tung Lok.

From Pine Court Chinese Restaurant.

From Bee Cheng Hiang.

The above all so so lah.
The best is the mum made by mummy, because it is not too sweet or oily. She made 'ping pi' one this year. Plus the piglets that sis and mum made. (shown the photo a few days ago).

Wishing all Happy Mid Autumn Day.

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dilutedmagnetics said...

The baked ones are not easy to make at all. I've tried and failed a few times. Snow skin is easier to make. Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Kenny Mah said...

Happy (belated) Mid-Au-Fest! Though, by now, I am so overdosed on mooncakes di... :P

eunice said...

Wooaah!! The way you took the mooncakes pics is so well! I can still see one round salted duck egg protruding out! XD Should have seen your blog first to get ideas on how to take photos of mooncakes!

Happy belated Mid-Autumn Day! =D

backStreetGluttons said...

ya mum is best . not MIL

Unknown said...

Must learn, else next time, no one knows and how to pass on the recipe... but there's always takashimaya square to buy from hundreds of stalls. LOL..

Overdosed with calories as well! Do you know how much calories is there in a mooncake? I don't and don't want to know as well.

Someone took up the first slice and left the yolk there. I happen to have my camera around :-)

You scared of your MIL? LOL

Ming the Merciless said...

I bought a moon cake with lotus paste with one egg york in Chinatown earlier this week. It was like US$6, which I thought was way overpriced. So not worth it.

For $6, I could have gotten a wonton noodle ko long mee.

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