Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Javanese Malay Food @ Clementi West St 2

A colleague said let's go to Clementi to eat some Malay Food yesterday. We were wondering where he would drive us. Oh... it was to Clementi West St 2.

He said the Javanese Malay stall that we used to go to (at Blk 727, same block as the 7-Eleven), he knows where it has moved to, after a long search.

It's now at Blk 722. They did not move too far away.

Our 'driver' drove us here so that he could eat his mee rebus. It does look very good. Thick gravy, portion's good too. Hmm.. next time I shall try it.

For me, I had the soto bee hoon. Compared to the soto I had (posted few days ago), the soup was better at the 'other' stall, but this one had quite a lot of ayam hiris (chicken stripes) and more bee hoon too. I was glad that they had quite a bit of bean sprouts too.

The spicy paste (the dark stuff in the middle) when you mix it into the soup, the whole soup changes. It gets really really spicy and the salt in it just brings out the flavour of the soup. I liked it.

Oh, this stall also has the lontong goreng. It's like chinese 'chai tow kueh'. Instead of carrot cake, it's ketupat for this dish. It's like mee goreng with mee, but ketupat pieces.

It's not too bad. But personally, I prefer my garlic infused black chai tow kueh. It has more uumpph. Maybe if they added lots of garlic to it... Hmmmm. LOL...

Previously (like 1 year ago or so) we used to eat their mix rice. The rice's good. But today was not a rice day for us. Next time.... ;-)

Stall 2, Okaki Coffee Shop
722 Clementi West Street 2
Singapore 120722

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Dora said...

The mee rebus looks delicious!!

KopiKosongGirl said...

lontong goreng?? that's different. Never heard before.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The dark paste for the soto bee hoon looks damn potent. I can see how one can be spoilt for choice with the delicious array available!

tigerfish said...

Lontong Goreng?! New for me leh! I must be "sua ku" :O

Kenny Mah said...

Ooh, I'm all about the mee rebus! Haven't had that in ages and ages, I tell ya! *drools*

Unknown said...

you like mee rebus? :-)

anything is possible nowadays.

lyrical lemongrass,
the cili padi seeds in the paste chokes! I tried to be clever. (haha. you can guess what I did.)

are you going to make mee soto using chai tow kueh instead? you are the most creative chef around!

You have not been going around the Ramadan bazaar in KL?!?!

AyuZara said...

;> glad you like our food...

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