Monday, September 29, 2008

Dôme @ Dempsey Hill

Last week, a few of our friends (which included our 'gorilla' friend) met for dinner. After dinner we adjourned to Dempsey Hill because 'gorilla' wanted to have Ben & Jerry ice cream there.

When we walked into B&J, we could not find a sitting place there. It was so packed and noisy, because the live band was there.

We decided to walk over to Dome instead. We could get seats for 4 almost immediately and it was quiet. :-)

This branch looks particularly beautiful and stylish! Doesn't it look so English country like?

Anyway, those who could sleep after drinking caffeine ordered their coffee. Those who could not just had to content with water.

We did shared 3 desserts amongst the 4 of us.
The Pecan Pie with Gelato on top.

Tempt you a bit. LOL...

Apple crumble with gelato.

Raspberry Cheesecake.

Have a great week ahead. It's going to be really busy!

Dôme Dempsey Hill
Block 11
#01-18 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249673
Tel : 6476 8748 / Fax : 6474 8498
8am to 11pm (Sun - Thurs & PH)
8am to 1am (Fri, Sat & Eve of PH)

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Kenny Mah said...

Tempt me a bit? Try tempt me A LOT. Sighs... there goes my diet! :(

dilutedmagnetics said...

Gorillas eat desserts too? LOL! Great dessert pics by the way :)

KopiKosongGirl said...

Oh yes, our gorilla friend loves desserts and coffee, especially cafe latte :P LOL

JENCOOKS said...

Sama Sama I did that when I went to Ben & Jerry and walk out straight to Dome but I didnt quite enjoy the food that nite.

The cheesecake looks like appler crumbles which would have been so nice.

Unknown said...

I heard that this diet cures illness. You should eat some! Food cures!
(hope you are getting well soon!)

Yes, gorilla man loves desserts! Just as momo replied. LOL

B&J is crowded ya?

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