Saturday, September 27, 2008

Villa Seafood Galleria @ Labrador Nature Reserve

Momo's been overeating. This was one of her birthday dinners. It was a two person's birthday in 1 kind of birthday celebration.

Thanks to Dino and another friend who organized the whole thing that started earlier in the day till night. It was a surprise for Momo as she did not know where dinner was to be at.

It was guessing all the way until we reached the Labrador Nature Reserve.

What did we eat? The 5 of us had....

3 different soups to try.
This is the Soup of the Day - Dried Scallop and Daikon Soup.

The fish maw bisque. This one is really tasty. (for those who like things a tad salty, this is for you)

This is for those who like vegetables. The Crab meat, mushroom and spinach soup.
The moment you put in your mouth, you know its so healthy tasting. LOL...

We also had ostrich meat in black pepper sauce. It was very tender. If you like beef, you would love this.

The scallop and asparagus. Nice.

The deep fried buns for the crabs. Seeing this bun, you should know what kind of crabs we are eating!

Chilli Crabs. The sauce is kind of sweetish. Does not give you that super spicy kick. For those who can't take spicy chilli crab, this milder version that taste more tomato-ish is for you.

This is what went into my stomach. haha...

We also needed some carbo for the night. This was the Fish Noodles with Seafood.
(it's usually in black pepper, but we already had black pepper ostrich, so we requested that they omit the black pepper here). A tad oily, but taste wise it's good.

If you come during lunch, you get a really good view of the sea.
If you are here for dinner, after dinner, you can go up to the roof top, and sit romantically under the stars and have a drink from the bar. ;-)

Villa Seafood Galleria
30 Labrador Villa Road
Labrador Nature Reserve
Singapore 119189
Tel: 6377 0351
Opening hours: 11.30 am - 3 pm (Lunch), 6 pm - 10.30 pm (Dinner)

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Chubbypanda said...

The green soup intrigues me...

Unknown said...

hi, hows the pricing like?

Kenny Mah said...

It certainly looked real healthy, one dish after another, till the chilli crabs turned up! LOL

I'm all for the Sup Hijau myself... :D

Unknown said...

You like spinach? Popeye soup!

I am not very sure. I did not take note of it. Friends settled the bill first.

Chilli crab unhealthy? You sure?
Eat in moderation ok lah...

Anonymous said...

The restaurant Villa Seafood gallery is no more. But there is another one further into the Labrador Park called Labrador Seafood, or The Labrador. I have not eaten there yet but saw it from the Park. Certainly much nicer as it is by the seaside with a nice breeze. They serve seafood and seem to be quite good as it is quite crowded considering it is so far into the Labrador Park and away from the busy roads. The prominent feature around this area would be, VIVO city, Hort Park, Labrador Park, PSA building, and the future Labrador Park MRT station.

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