Monday, October 08, 2007

Chicken Feet @ Kopitiam, NUH

It was a rainy afternoon today. Colleagues and I, we manage to get out before the rain started, but we were caught in the rain after. Good thing we happen to be at the Kopitiam at NUH.

Aha... The Chicken Feet colleagues ordered 4 more extra plates of chicken feet. (We already had one, 'tax' it from another colleague who was eating dim sum for lunch.)

The Before....

The After..... (bones from 4 plates of chicken feet)

We think it's the cheapest chicken feet that actually taste good in Singapore.
Normally $2 per steamer. $1.60 if you use the yellow Kopitiam Staff Discount card.

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team bsg said...

think it is surely time for the after after ( like the satisfied tummies u know or maybe double lips ) , not feet !

xinyun said...

lol, you stack back the bones :P
there's another place you could find cheaper chicken feet, TPY central NTUC (inside TPY HUB).

it was going for 50cents per foot.

Camemberu said...

Oooh I see that some of you like to eat the cartilage off the tiny joints of the chicken feet, like I do! LOL

Anonymous said...

hi! seems like you work around NUS/NUH? could you feature some of the better food around the area? i work in NUS and i'm sick of canteen food...

Ming the Merciless said...

Had dim sum this morning. No, I didn't get the chicken feet. Saw it but didn't get it.

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