Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cafe 211 @ Holland Village

2 of us love the Vongole at Cafe 211. So when a friend suggested to have dinner at Holland Village, the first place that came to our mind was Cafe 211. So off we go.

But first we started with the appetiser, Grilled Portabello Salad.

Then all 3 of us had the Vongole ;) You must be thinking no creativity. hahaha, but we just love it.

Lovely dinner we had :)

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pinkhippo said...

Vongole looks yummy to me! :)

I will give it a try... :)

benita said...

Much as I like it -- out of 4 times I ate it at 211, only twice did I get fresh clams. Sigh.

Even at Casa Roma near 6th Ave, the authentic Italian restaurant, my clams weren't too fresh. I think this dish is quite a gamble.

Or maybe it's just Singapore seafood. :(

teckiee said...

I dont think its the lack of creativity. I'm guessing the Vongole is x3 super delicious.

Yeezer said...

momo, you must bring me there! The portobello mushroom looks so yummylicious!

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