Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crystal Jade Dining-In @ VivoCity

My brother just arrived in Singapore today. The time he touch down in Changi is the same time I am attending a wedding of our ex-CG leader. Both sis and I can't meet him at the airport, and he has no keys to enter the house. Our dear friend momo, came to the rescue. She picked up bro from Terminal 1 and they went to kia kia in Vivo City.

We met them later at Vivo after the wedding and a wonderful wedding reception. It was dinner time, ask bro what he wants to eat, criteria for someone living in UK for so long is no western. So, we walked to Dining-in, to 'xi chen' a bit. haha...

The last time I stepped in here was like in 2006. It's been a long time. Yes, it's that place with the double pair of chopsticks.

Sis and I, we just watch bro and momo eat. After that huge reception, no space left to fit in food.

Bro had beancurd and scallop soup. $8

Momo had mushroom and bamboo pith soup. $10

Scallop and stringbean dish. $22 How interesting that they make it look like olden time gold nuggets.

A duck, mushroom and ham dish. $16

I taxed this a lot, coz I like it. haha.. Spinach and Egg claypot dish $16
I like it because it has chai poh inside the egg :-p

How interesting that bro said that the rice taste so good here. He says he buys Thai fragrant rice in London, but it just does not taste the same. haha... Maybe he should bring back some rice to UK. LOL..

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Cobalt Paladin said...

I think it is due to the water in UK, that's why the rice taste different.

By the way, is that you in the spoon reflection of the "duck, mushroom, had" dish image? :p

Keropok Man said...

cobalt palain,

i guess it should be my reflection. i did not realise it until you mention it. haha..

Ya, i don't like the hard water in UK. Maybe that affects the taste of food.

teckiee said...

ohhh love the bamboo fungus! ..esp with steamboat

Momo said...

Must say that the sauce on the scallops dish was a little errr...weird ;) But its interesting how they tie the green beans around the scallops.

Isadora said...

While considering where to move to next - Singapore is on my list. When I read that people greet each other with 'have you eaten' - that moved Singapore to the top of my list again. Oh, yes - food centered, we are. Looking at the photos of the dishes simply confirms to me that even if I have to take my own fork, it would be a good place to live.

Keropok Man said...

yeah, I like fungus too. hehe.

too sweet right?


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