Thursday, October 04, 2007

Teochew Porridge @ Beo Crescent (Part 2)

I promised to show you what we ate, why we ate here is because it is open at this hour. Many people says there are more spectacular ones, but anyway, here it is... (there's quite a crowd too)

The Quack quack Ducky...

Steamed Eggy.

Chicken Curry, yes eating curry for supper, i siao or wat!


This is fish cake or fish whatever you call it.
Very soft, I like it soft, but others says hard one nicer..

Chap Chai

This, I din touch at all. Big Intestines.

And of course, the porridge.

Total cost is $30. Eaten by 4 persons.

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Chubbypanda said...

Big intestines are where it's at. =)

Shilpa said...

wah keropok, the standard of teochew porridge has gone up, hor? 30 bucks for 4 people, for such humble fare?? ;-) any idea whether the porridge buffet at suntec on weekdays still exists? used to sneak out for long lunches there those days with my colleagues when i was working in the supreme court.. sigh, good old days.. :)

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