Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Supper @ Lau Pa Sat

Just came back not long ago from supper. A bunch of us (around 20 of us) met up with a friend who came down from KL. It was a nice time to meet and chat.

We were hungry, so we ordered 60 satays, 4 ketupats, 15 chicken wings, hay mee, chai tow kuey, etc...

Only manange to take photos of 2 things, after that hands oily after eating chicken wings, decided not to take photos and dirty the camera. haha...

We had Satay from Pondok Satay at number 9 this time. Not bad actually.

Chicken Wings was also nice, and it's from Super Satay at Stall number 13.

Do you all have a favourite stall here in lao pa sat? I am more of a whoever arrange the tables for 20 of us, we eat at their stall. haha...

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Ming the Merciless said...

I had those in Malaysia recently. I love, love, love the BBQ chicken wings. The satays were delicious too.

I would have enjoyed it more if it were in a climate control room because I was drenched in sweat while eating outdoors. I think I tasted my own sweat too. :-)

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