Friday, October 12, 2007

Vegetarian @ Holland Drive Food Centre

This is one popular stall in the Holland Drive Food Centre. There is always a snaking queue. Actually it is really interesting in this Food Centre. There's a long queue at both the Vegetarian stall and also the Roast Meat queue. One meat camp, the other anti-meat. haha..

Anyway, this vegetarian shop is really cheap. Used to be $1.50, but nowdays it is $2. Still quite cheap for its generous portions.

This is my colleague's lunch last Wednesday, 2 days ago.
Another post for the NUS/NUH/Science Park lunch people. Enjoy!

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team bsg said...

we usually try vegetarian food from the Buddhist people. but in KL Indian shops got many of these dishes ( never try yet ) haha
we always laugh when people say they are vegetarians haha

zee said...

the serving of the beehoon is not bad, but the last time i ate the bee hoon, i find it abit bland.

haha, and the roast meat stall queue is insanely long. tried to eat that stall once, and i queued 1 hour for a plate of char siew rice.. dunno whether the heat has died down for the roast meat stall. quite some time nv go down there to eat the food...

Jeffrey said...

I eat at this stall about once or twice a week. Very good value for money, as the other vegetarian stalls I have tried give about half the portion this stall serves for $2 (or maybe even $3).

The beehoon is supposed to be bland ... it's the sauce that gives the beehoon its taste. And the super-crispy, deep fried, whatcha-ma-call-it pieces shown on top of the photo are just heavenly!! One is not enough! :P

Cheers, Jeff

Lunch is Served! said...

The owner of the stall is my neighbour! LOL! Whenever he sees my husband queuing up at his stall, he will give us extra large portions of food. Yikes!

But er, they don't stay anywhere near Holland Village lah, and I know they use their apartment to store the ingredients for the stall. A large lorry will come by about once or twice a week from M'sia and offload sacks and sacks of groceries. It's quite scary!

Keropok Man said...

oh really? benefits of knowing the stall owner eh?

like their spring rolls :-)

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